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Seven reasons why businesses choose to set up and operate in Mauritius

Seven reasons why businesses choose to set up and operate in Mauritius

10 June, 2024
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Mauritius is changing. No longer seen as only a spectacular holiday destination, it provides a hospitable, pro-business environment for corporate companies looking to grow and prosper. It’s home to a diverse range of industries, including logistics & distribution services, manufacturing & light engineering, seafood and aquaculture, financial services, healthcare, medical travel, property development, hospitality, and renewable energy.

Leon Kruger, Client Services Director in our Mauritius office, lists why the island is such an attractive jurisdiction for companies and financial structures worldwide.


1. Flexible Tax System

Mauritius is an investor-friendly, low tax jurisdiction with no capital gains tax, dividend, and interest withholding taxes. This means free repatriation of profits and capital whilst not having to allow for estate duty, inheritance or wealth tax. There is an extensive network of DTAAs (Double Tax Avoidance Agreements) & IPPAs with multiple countries.  It has also introduced new licences such as treasury licence and head quarter licence which provides investors with more options to grow their business efficiently. 


2. Strategic Location

Located in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius serves as a gateway to Africa, Asia, and the Middle East with a convenient time zone.


3. Free-Market Economy

In Mauritius, there is free-market economy and no control over exchange. This means there is no limit when it comes to transferring dividends, capital and profits out, from Mauritius to another country. You can move your profits generated in Mauritius to the place where your company is headquartered.  It also boasts an innovative stock exchange.


4. Ease of doing business 

Setting up business in Mauritius is straightforward and fuss free. International entrepreneurs can usually complete the process within 2 weeks and enjoy up to 100 percent foreign ownership and no minimum capital threshold. Services are competitively priced and delivered to a high standard. 


5. Stability

Mauritius has a stable and resilient political, social, and economic environment, which is crucial for long-term business operations.


6. Highly skilled workforce 

Mauritius attracts a great standard of professionals, both local and those who have made it their home thanks for the opportunities available.  


7. Robust legal & regulatory framework

Mauritius has a hybrid legal system (Common and Civil Law) alongside the Privy Council as ultimate court of appeal which offers breath and flexibility for businesses.


How can Ocorian help you when considering Mauritius?

The factors outlined contribute to an attractive business environment that supports growth, innovation, and international collaboration. Ocorian has a team of highly regarded industry professionals in Mauritius with expert local knowledge to keep your business in good stead.  

We offer corporate and governance services like a registered office, director and substance services, accounting and reporting, board support and provision of compliance officers, relieving the burden of administration from your staff. If you want to be in Mauritius, do so with Ocorian by your side.

Contact Leon Kruger to see how we can support you.