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Fund Administration Services

Leverage our fund administration expertise in alternative assets to optimise your fund operations.

Focus on your fund's performance

Managing assets and investment structures across multiple jurisdictions in an evolving regulatory landscape can prove costly, complex and time-consuming.

Outsourcing your fund administration to Ocorian's team of fund administrators will allow you to benefit from our expertise, processes and control framework, and deliver operational excellence across your fund's back-office.

We use a market leading fund services platform that integrates all fund accounting, administration and investor services processes, delivering you with a golden source of truth and operational excellence across your fund operations.

Our global team of 400 fund specialists have expertise in servicing the alternative investment sector.  This includes fund administration expertise in private equity, real-estate, debt, infrastructure and VC funds across key fund domiciliation hubs in Europe, Asia and the Americas.


Our fund administration services help you to:

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  • Focus on your core competencies

    By taking care of the day-to-day administration of your fund, we provide you with the time to focus on your core business and investment decisions.

  • Improve operational performance

    Our market-leading, scalable technology platform, eFront, integrates end-to-end processes enables us to provide timely delivery of fund operations and NAV production.

  • Go to market quickly

    Our complete end-to-end fund administration, AIFM and depositary services get your fund to market faster and scale as you grow.

  • Build bespoke operating structures

    We take the time at the outset to understand the nuances in your fund structure and build an operating model that suits your needs.

  • Improve data hygiene

    We know accurate and timely fund level data is critical. We utilise standardised workflows to streamline the data capture whilst maintaining its integrity.

Fund administration solutions

We will assist in the establishment of the legal entities, working with the Fund Sponsor's advisers to prepare bespoke documentation, supporting you to get you smoothly through to launch.

Jurisdictions for domiciliation:



  • Bermuda
  • BVI
  • Cayman Islands
  • US


  • Hong Kong 
  • Singapore

We will hold original documents relating to the entity with the books and records to include original constitutional documents, registers, finance documents, share certificates, a seal and other associated documents.

Our experienced fund directors fulfil all manner of board fiduciary roles.

We supply:

  • Corporate directors
  • Natural directors
  • Fund non-executive directors (NEDs)
  • Corporate trustees
  • SPV trustees
  • Corporate managers
  • SPV managers

Our independent directors have a broad range of backgrounds in audit, legal and investment management, giving you access to a diverse reach of expertise and perspective. 

We can provide highly qualified directors to a number of offshore locations including Bermuda, Cayman Islands, British Virgin Islands and Channel Islands. 


Our chartered company secretaries provide organisation, record keeping and strong governance and are based in the UK, Ireland, Guernsey, Jersey and Luxembourg.

Our board support services provide a complete package for each board meeting. This includes coordinating timing of the meetings with all parties, issuing formal notice to the appropriate persons, providing boardroom or teleconferencing services and, most importantly, preparation and circulation of board minutes.

Company secretarial services include:

  • Creation of board packs and minutes
  • Shareholder liaison
  • Registered office provision
  • Maintaining statutory books and records
  • Corporate governance frameworks
  • Co-ordinating board meetings
  • Compliance 
  • Board training
  • Entity dissolution


We provide end-to-end processing of all cash transactions and back reconciliations including:

Bank account opening

We administer the opening of bank accounts for each of the relevant legal entities including the adoption of Authorised Signatory List

Payments and bank account monitoring

  • Providing authorised signatories
  • Processing approved payments in accordance with agreed control procedures and budgets
  • Monitor bank account to ensure successful payments

We provide complete anti-money laundering, identification and verification of the fund sponsor and directors/trustees including clearing any politically exposed persons (PEPs).

We will:

  • Administer the steps required to wind up a solvent entity
  • Provide administration support for the solvent winding up of fund entities
  • Prepare or oversee the preparation of solvency statement for Board approval

We assist with:

  • Tax returns
  • VAT returns
  • Regulatory return filings

We provide a Money Laundering Reporting Officer (MLRO) or jurisdictional equivalent.

  • Provision of Compliance Officer, MLRO, MLCO and supporting functions
  • Liaison with regulator
  • Ongoing monitoring & oversight of investor/customer due diligence
  • FATCA & CRS reporting
  • AIFMD compliance
  • Annex IV reporting
  • Bespoke compliance monitoring and management program 


Why Ocorian for fund administration?

  • Specialists in fund administration

    Over 300 experts in fund administration based across key fund domiciliation centres. We have particular expertise on private equity, real estate, debt, infrastructure, fund of funds, venture capital and Islamic finance.

  • A seamless extension of your team

    We work as a seamless extension of your team and tailor our services to your specific needs.

  • Powered by eFront technology

    Our fund technology provides you a variety of standardised reports and outputs with additional options for dashboards and fully customised tailored reporting also available.

What our customers say

What our customers say

  • "We appointed Ocorian to provide fund administration services to our property entities. We have been impressed with their efficiency and timely on-boarding process, as well as their expertise in handling alternative investment structures."

    Real estate investment company


Fund Administration FAQs

Fund administration is the name given to the activities of servicing a fund throughout its lifecycle. This can include fund formation and liquidation, provision of key staff directors and company secretaries, fund accounting, fund operations such as bank accounting opening, insurance and filings and returns, investor services and transfer agency.  Fund administrators will also ensure compliance with relevant regulations and provide regulatory reporting.

Fund administration services can significantly impact the efficiency and effectiveness of investment structures, such as private equity, venture capital, and real estate funds. By outsourcing back office tasks to a reliable partner, funds managers can dedicate more time to their founders and investors, thus improving the effectiveness of their operations.

Fund administrators perform a variety of back-office services throughout a fund’s life. This includes:

  • Fund set up, entity establishment and domiciliation
  • Provision of fund directors
  • Provision of company secretary
  • Bank account and cash management services
  • Holding and maintaining documents such as constitutional documents, registers, finance documents and share certificates
  • Client on-boarding and due diligence
  • Solvency/liquidation administration
  • Filings and returns
  • Compliance services
  • Regulatory reporting including FATCA & CRS reporting, Annex IV and AIMFD compliance

A third-party fund administrator may also provide related fund services including fund accounting, investor services, compliance and depositary services. A fund administrator may provide a number of individual services or the whole back office of a fund.

  • Expertise and oversight 

An extra layer of specialists, processes and local regulatory knowledge can improve risk management processes.

  • Cost efficiency

Outsourcing can offer a more cost effective option than recruiting and resourcing the staff, technology and infrastructure required to build and maintain an in-house fund administration team.

  • Stronger governance

Funds specialists with specific asset class expertise will oversee day-to-day running of the fund and will provide experienced directors and trustees to the boards.

  • Time saving

Outsourcing fund administration gives asset managers time to focus on raising and investing capital and generating value for investors.

  • Remain compliant

Partnering with an administrator with the requisite skills, experience and resources to monitor, keep pace and interpret changing regulations is essential to ensure your fund’s operations remain compliant. 

  • Access to top tier fund technology

Specialist fund administrators will not be reliant solely on software like excel and often have custom-built fund technology platform.  This will include a robust portfolio accounting system, investor portal and a client self-service reporting portal. This increases transparency accuracy and turn around times for reports.

  • Scalability

Launch additional funds without having to scale your in-house operational, accounting and investor services.

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