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We can set up private companies to serve as an effective vehicle to achieve your private wealth and succession planning objectives. 

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Make your wealth work harder for you

Alongside trusts and foundations, the establishment and administration of private companies form part of Ocorian’s comprehensive wealth planning services. 

They are subtly different from other vehicles in terms of tax implications, flexibility and control.

Our private client services team will help to establish and administer a tailored family company that fulfils your wealth planning ambitions while meeting all regulatory requirements. 

We can help you

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  • Make the most of your wealth

    We will set up a company that helps you protect, manage and plan for your wealth in conjunction with your tax planning. 

  • Establish an appropriate vehicle for you

    We offer family and private investment companies (FICs / PICs), giving you a range of wealth planning options.

  • Create structures of entities

    Your ideal solution might involve a combination of structures in various locations around the world. We are experts at setting up solutions like special purpose vehicles (SPVs).

  • Secure your family's future

    A well-managed and structured company can be a highly effective vehicle for succession and estate planning.

  • Stay compliant

    We recognise the ever-changing nature and the complexity of regulations. We will ensure your company stays compliant and in good standing.

Why Ocorian?

  • Personal service

    Our team work hard to understand your objectives and long term plans to proactively deliver in accordance with your goals.

    Personal service
  • Here for you, wherever you need us

    Our global presence means we can provide bespoke structures for families that are dispersed around the world.

    Here for you, wherever you need us
  • Attention to detail

    Global regulation around private companies is always developing. Our team will ensure your company remains compliant.

    Attention to detail

Private company services

We assist with the formation and ongoing administration services for all types of private companies, family investment companies, SPVs and general holding companies.

We will provide the initial set-up of a bank account for a new entity or client.

We provide the initial classification of entity substance status.

We will provide HR support services, bespoke to the client and your circumstances/objectives.

We will provide meetings as required to discharge administration activities including, but not limited to, entity governance meetings to transact entity business, clients, advisors to the entity / client, assets managers.

We will provide one or more directors (typically two) to the board of a client company in accordance with the company articles and relevant company law.

In conjunction with tax advisors, legal advisors and / or investment consultants as appropriate, we will undertake the review of the risks relating to a structure for structure parties following a change in the structure e.g., domicile of a legal person associated with the structure and / or a change to the investment portfolio and / or strategy, for example, to beneficiaries.

Our company secretaries will provide the following:

  • Maintenance of statutory and regulatory registers and associated records
  • Preparation and approval of relevant statutory, regulatory and tax filings
  • Operation of the bank account
  • Report to the client summarising activities in the structure and includes copies of accounts, investment monitoring analysis, substance, CRS, GDPR filings, structure charts and items for review with the client.

We will provide a registered office and ancillary services to support the legal seat of a company being in the correct location.

We will sub-let office space for client personnel to undertake activities in location.

We will provide  accounts payable services or billing / accounts receivable services. This service is separate from payment services.

We will make payments on time, to correct recipient, in the correct currency once the payment has been authorised.

We provide residency applications and work permit applications etc, for individuals / families / employees.

We provide bookkeeping for all transactions occurring in the financial period including bank account management / reconciliations - compliance with IFRS if required; consolidated asset and liability reporting.

We provide the preparation of annual entity accounts and filing if required.

We offer the specialist provision of accounting services, for fraud & other investigations, via expert with inter alia insolvency experience.

We provide a statutory Regulatory Officer to a client.

Generally, only an annual tax return filing is required to be provided.  We do offer services such as VAT processing and completion services are offered in some jurisdictions.

We provide specialist tax services, eg VAT reports and analysis, company taxation reports and analysis.

We provide:

  • Analysis of entity (company or partnership) status against relevant substance rules;
  • Provision of reporting summarising analysis and recommended actions for the board of directors or general partner to consider.
  • Filing of annual substance returns in accordance with published guidance and deadlines.

We provide analysis of entity status against FATCA / CRS rules; provision of reporting summarising analysis. Filing of annual returns in accordance with published guidance and deadlines

What you say

What you say

  • "I always feel comfortable to have a trump card in hand to keep our company in agreement with local laws, when l am unaware of the requirement details of the jurisdiction. My trump card: Ocorian’s team. I can count on them for their professional services and advice. An asset to me definitely."

    Corporate client


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