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Fund Directorship Services

We provide independent directors, managing members and trustee services to ensure the strong governance of your fund.

Strong fiduciary oversight of your funds

Strong governance is the lynch pin for ensuring that a fund operates ethically, transparently and in the best interests of its stakeholders.

Our experienced team of fiduciary professionals understand the challenges of building robust, effective oversight and we’re here to help you navigate the process. 

Our independent directors have a broad range of backgrounds in audit, legal and investment management, giving you access to a diverse reach of expertise and perspective. 

We presently sit on the boards of hedge funds, private equity funds and venture capital funds, overseeing a wide variety of strategies and products worldwide. We also provide trustee services to Cayman Islands unit trusts, ensuring effective management and guidance in accordance with the trust deed. 

We are committed to providing timely and effective support to help you navigate the complex regulatory landscape across multiple jurisdictions and fund strategies.


We can help you

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  • Improve your fund governance

    Fund governance is an essential component of any successful investment strategy. Our directors ensure that the interests of investors are protected and the fund operates with transparency, integrity, and accountability. 

  • Make better local decisions

    Our in-country teams maintain a detailed understanding of local regulations. Our highly experienced local directors ensure you have the right information available to make the best decisions for your business.

  • Install strong governance frameworks

    Our fund governance framework is designed to meet the highest standards of professionalism, with a focus on risk management, compliance, and effective oversight. 

  • Control your costs

    Employing your own local directors, obtaining an office address can be a high-cost, high-risk approach to fund management. As a local administrator, we provide a cost-efficient service.


Fund fiduciary services

Our experienced directors fulfil all manner of board fiduciary roles.

We supply:

  • Corporate directors
  • Natural directors
  • Fund non-executive directors (NEDs)
  • Corporate trustees
  • SPV trustees
  • Corporate managers
  • SPV managers

We provide a registered office and local address within the country to demonstrate a local presence.

This includes:

  • Dedicated and secure office space fully equipped
  • Access to meeting rooms, business lounges, kitchen and other facilities
  • Access to video communication, internet, copy and scanning facilities
  • Reception, telephone and fax lines
  • IT support

We will organise, host, minute and document board meetings in the local jurisdiction.

Why Ocorian?

  • Proven expertise

    Your director will be an Ocorian executive with extensive industry and governance expertise in the location in which they reside.

  • Local knowledge

    Our resident directors are supported by a team of legal, financial and regulatory experts to ensure the good standing of your international entities.

  • A personalised approach

    We take a personalised approach to every engagement, working closely with you to understanding your unique needs.  Whether you’re a start-up or well-established firm, we can help you build a stronger, more effective board. 

    A personalised approach

What you say

What you say

  • “Our Luxembourg local fund director from Ocorian is an excellent partner for our fund. Arvind is efficient across operational tasks and highly responsive to urgent matters. There is a strong and transparent relationship between Ocorian and Amundi and we are very satisfied with the work so far.”


Meet our fund directors

Below are the profiles of a selection of our fund directors across the world.  Contact us for further information on appointing a director for your fund.

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Let’s talk

Contact us and a member of our team will be in touch. 

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