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Securitisation services

We deliver a comprehensive range of securitisation services for debt, capital markets and structured finance transactions.

Tailor made securitisation services

Establishing and maintaining capital markets structures and transaction securitisation vehicles is complex and time-consuming.

You need a team that understands the intricacies of the process of structuring securities. 

With extensive local knowledge, we are able to provide tailored solutions on a global scale.

Our securitisation services team offers a complete oversight and administration solution to our clients through every step of the journey. We will establish the most effective vehicles in the right location for your needs, administering them diligently and efficiently.

We strive to provide best in class services, support your business through an evolving regulatory landscape and ensure your structures are always in good corporate and legal standing.

Our capital markets team can help you

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  • Establish and manage the right vehicle

    We will set up and manage an SPV, providing corporate administration functions throughout the lifecycle of the entity.

  • Fulfil all trustee and agency services

    We provide full trustee and agency services including security trustee, note/bond trustee, calculating agent, paying agent, listing agent and reporting services.

  • Meet domicile and directorship obligations

    We provide economic substance services and local directors as required.

  • Remain compliant

    Securitisation structures can be complex. We will keep your vehicle compliant with relevant regulations.

Why Ocorian?

  • Expertise in securitisation

    Our specialists across the globe are highly qualified in capital markets, structured finance and securitisation.

    Expertise in securitisation
  • End to end service

    We offer both corporate functions and trust / agency services, providing a complete securitisation administration solution.

    End to end service
  • Advanced infrastructure and technology

    We provide an advanced, customisable technology platform which increases accuracy, reduces inefficiencies and provides flexibility. It also provides advanced reporting and data output with the goal of helping our clients meet growing investor demands.

    Advanced infrastructure and technology

Our securitisation services

We will:

  • Establish the SPV/entity
  • Provide highly experienced and qualified directors
  • Provide a registered office
  • Provide corporate administration services
  • Provide financial/management accounting and reporting
  • Coordinate audits
  • Carry out central bank filings
  • Prepare and filing all relevant taxes (VAT and corporate income tax)
  • Provide cash management services
  • Maintain the note registrar
  • Provide liquidation and dissolution services

We assist with ensuring that your entity meets all its reporting obligations under applicable regulatory regimes including ESMA, EMIR,  FATCA and CRS.

As security trustee, we will:

  • Hold security on behalf of one or more creditors;
  • Act as a gatekeeper for underlying security, amendments and waivers;
  • Assist in taking actions in case of changes and  defaults/enforcements

We will act as an independent escrow agent to hold your assets securely in escrow and distribute them according the terms of your transaction agreement.

As bond trustee, we will:

  • Provide a suitably qualified individual or a team to solely represent the investors, noteholders or creditors in a structure;
  • Consult with investors (as required) and exercise their view in any issues or disputes, and ensure the issuer complies with its obligations under the indenture/trust deed.

As paying agent, we will:

  • Manage both ad-hoc and scheduled cashflows on debt instruments as well as transfers between borrowers and lenders;
  • Assist in disbursement of funds on closing, interest payments, amortisations and repayment;
  • Lender of record management & associated cash management;

We will calculate flows and values relating to any debt instrument and the amount owing from each party, communicating these  to stakeholders as per transaction documentation.

We will:

  • Set interest periods and reference interest rates applicable to each period
  • Administer and retain “golden source” bookkeeping records of commitments and calculation
  • Manage and coordinate all KYC and AML requirements
  • Secondary trading transfers record
  • Perform cash management duties

We act as listing agent, providing a liaison between the issuer and the stock exchange.

We will act as the co-ordination agent on complex restructuring arrangements.

What you say

What you say

  • "Ocorian offers an excellent level of service delivered by experienced professionals. They stand out for their flexibility, responsiveness and quality of decision making."

    Law firm, London

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