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Fund Accounting Services

Leverage our team of fund accountants to streamline your accounting processes across your fund’s lifecycle and portfolio.

Delivering precise and efficient fund accounting services

Fund accounting and financial reporting is becoming increasingly complex with increased demand for more data, greater transparency and quicker turnarounds.

The rapidly evolving regulatory landscape can make financial reporting across fund structures a time consuming and daunting task.

Our experienced fund accountants streamline and simplify your accounting processes across your fund’s portfolio and lifecycle.

This enables you to deliver on your investor tax and financial reporting obligations across a wide set of asset classes and jurisdictions.

Our fund accounting services help you to:

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  • Stay in control of your fund’s accounts

    Our teams ensure swift turnarounds for all financial reporting and investor requirements so that you can meet all regulatory and investor reporting deadlines.

  • Focus on your investment strategy

    We provide you with the time to focus on your core business and investment decisions by taking care of the accounting burden.

  • Receive insights through bespoke reporting

    Our market-leading, scalable technology platform, eFront, enables us to quickly process ad hoc reporting requests, automate complex accounting calculations, and create customised reports at both the investor and fund level.

  • Improve data hygiene

    We know accurate and timely fund accounting is critical when monitoring and reporting on investments. We implement standardised data models throughout your fund structures to ensure the seamless transfer of data every time.

  • Increase your speed to market

    With over 300 experienced fund professionals, our onboarding and solutions team works with you in the lead up to the fund launch to understand your specific reporting needs and to ensure a seamless transition to business as usual.

  • Protect your data

    Our systems have multiple layers of defence and robust quality control and assurance processes that ensure the highest levels of data quality, control and accessibility.

Fund accounting solutions

Production of annual financial statements in accordance with relevant accounting standards on a consolidated or standalone basis.

Preparing management accounts on a quarterly basis.

Calculation of the fund net asset valuation on a daily, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis.

Creating bespoke reports at fund and investor level.

Performing complex fee calculations such as distribution waterfalls and management fees.

We will engage with key stakeholders to ensure smooth completion of the audit process.

We will provide you with detailed and accurate investment and investor performance analytics

Why Ocorian for fund accounting?

  • Expertise in fund accounting across multiple asset classes

    Our global team of fund accountants have expertise in fund accounting for private equity, private debt, real estate, infrastructure, venture capital and Shari’ah compliant structures for some of the world’s leading investment firms.

    Expertise in fund accounting across multiple asset classes
  • There where you need us

    Our presence in key fund domiciles and time zones means that we are always on hand to respond to your needs.

    There where you need us
  • A seamless extension of your team

    We tailor our services to your specific needs.  We have a strong track record in working with bespoke and complex structures.

    A seamless extension of your team

What our customers say

What our customers say

  • "Thorough and responsive, Ocorian always give the right response."

    Prestbury Investment

Fund accounting FAQs

Fund accounting is an essential part of the fund administration process. It involves maintaining accounting records, such as bookkeeping transactions into ledgers, to produce annual and management accounts. Fund accountants are also responsible for calculating management fees, performance fees, and carried interest.

Additionally, fund accountants play a key role in annual audits, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and managing the audit process. This includes creating a timetable, monitoring progress, and addressing any issues that arise. Ultimately, fund accounting ensures accurate financial reporting and compliance for funds.

The role of a third-party fund accountant such as Ocorian is to provide outsourced fund accounting services to investment funds or asset management firms. We act as an independent service provider, separate from the fund or firm itself.

The key responsibilities of a third-party fund accountant include:

  • Accounting and Bookkeeping: We maintain accurate and up-to-date accounting records for the fund, including recording transactions, reconciling accounts, and preparing financial statements.
  • Valuation and pricing: We calculate the net asset value (NAV) of the fund, which involves valuing the fund's assets and determining the price per share or unit.
  • Performance reporting: We generate performance reports that provide insights into the fund's investment returns, comparing them to benchmarks and industry standards.
  • Fee calculation: We calculate various fees, such as management fees, performance fees, and carried interest, based on the fund's fee structure and contractual agreements.
  • Regulatory compliance: We ensure compliance with relevant regulations and reporting requirements, including preparing financial reports for regulatory authorities and assisting with audits.
  • Investor services: We handle investor enquiries, provide investor statements, and process subscriptions and redemptions.
  • Risk Management: We assist in monitoring and managing risks associated with the fund's investments, including compliance with investment guidelines and restrictions.

By outsourcing fund accounting to a third party such as Ocorian, investment funds and asset management firms can benefit from specialised expertise, scalability, cost-efficiency, and enhanced regulatory compliance.


A third-party fund accountant can act as a one-stop shop, offering a variety of fund services such as fund administration, depositary, management company and company secretary services under one roof. 

This arrangement can bring useful efficiencies. For example, fund administration requires payments that need to be bookkept by the accounting team, and investor services team sends distribution notices with calculations prepared by the accounting team. By having all these services provided by a connected team with access to a central repository of information, the entire process becomes more efficient. 

Choosing a reputable fund services provider like Ocorian ensures access to a team with the necessary expertise, systems, and experience in a global team.  This can help mitigate against the risks of having a small team in-house or the inefficiencies of using multiple third party service providers.

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