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Corporate Accounting, Tax & Reporting

We provide accounting, tax and reporting services for SPVs and holding companies across a broad range of jurisdictions.

Keep up to speed with accounting, tax and reporting standards

As corporate structures continue to grow in complexity and take on an ever more international presence, access to local expertise is critical to ensuring your corporation’s accounting, tax and reporting remains compliant.

Ocorian provides responsive accounting and tax services for Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) and holding companies across a range of jurisdictions, ensuring compliance and enabling growth in your chosen markets.

Operating from a local office, our teams of accountants and regulatory experts offer a dedicated central point of contact for all accounting and tax services and financial reporting functions, including IFRS/IAS, US GAPP, and UK GAAP. 

By working closely with local regulators and statutory bodies to ensure best practice in each jurisdiction, our teams go beyond basic levels of compliance.  

We act as a trusted adviser on the nuances of each jurisdiction and keep you up to speed with constantly evolving tax and reporting standards.

How we help

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  • Stay up to date with changing standards and manage risk

    Our local teams are highly experienced in dealing with the specific nuances of their market, giving you the reassurance that your group entities are adhering to best practice principles in region, even as standards change.

  • Ensure you meet reporting deadlines

    With local teams and an expert blend of regulatory, tax, and corporate transaction knowledge we ensure that you meet international filing deadlines.

  • A dedicated point of contact

    As corporate group structures become more complex and multi-jurisdictional, Ocorian provides a dedicated account manager to act as a single point of oversight across your global estate.

  • Stay on top of challenging compliance requirements

    When it comes to international subsidiaries, don't overlook compliance obligations. Transfer that responsibility to Ocorian and take comfort that your entities will remain in good standing.

Why Ocorian?

  • Accounting and tax expertise

    Our local teams of chartered accountants and dedicated tax professionals will keep you abreast of the current regulatory and reporting requirements

    Accounting and tax expertise
  • A dedicated representative

    We provide a relationship manager who will work to understand the history and the nuances of your business, tailor our accounting and tax services to your needs, and act as a primary point of contact for you.

    A dedicated representative
  • Corporate specialists

    We have a strong track record in working across bespoke and complex structures.

    Corporate specialists

Corporate accounting, tax & reporting services

Using bookkeeping records, we prepare financial statements to allow key stakeholders to assess the financial status of the entity as required under local law and accounting requirements including US GAAP, IFRS, FRS, and local GAAP.

We maintain accurate and up to date ledgers, showing all cash movements, transactions, accruals and capital movements in a format and a frequency agreed with you, whilst also adhering to local legal, regulatory and compliance frameworks.

We provide:

  • Corporate income tax - preparation of the corporate income tax returns (CIT) in line with local tax laws and regulatory rules.
  • Municipal business tax - preparation of municipal business tax returns (MBT) in relation to local tax laws and regulatory rules.
  • Net wealth tax- preparation of the net wealth tax (NWT) returns in relation to local tax laws and regulatory rules.
  • Direct tax compliance - filing of tax returns with local authorities and follow up with the authorities following any further communication

We provide:    

  • VAT registration - registration with the local authority for VAT services.
  • VAT returns - preparation of periodic and annual VAT returns in line with local regulations and requirements.
  • VAT filings - filing of prepared VAT returns to local regulators and follow up on any additional items.

We offer:     

  • The creation of an online FATCA account and obtain the Global Intermediary Identification Number (GIIN).
  • A follow up up of the FATCA account status and the reception of the approval containing the GIIN.
  • Assistance with the preparation and the sending of the reporting to be provided annually to the Luxembourg tax authorities in compliance with articles 2 (2), 3 and 4 (1) (b) of the Luxembourg IGA.
  • Filing of the XML document containing the requested information for the reporting in compliance with articles 2 (2), 3 and 4 (1) (b) of the Luxembourg IGA provided by the company.

We can assist with the following regulatory reporting:

  • ESMA reporting
  • STS reporting
  • BaFin reporting
  • SBS reporting to BCL (Lux)
  • FCA reporting
  • FVC reporting (incl S110 reporting)
  • Derivative reporting to an OTC under EMIR
  • MAR website maintenance
  • Reporting under the Credit Reporting Act for Irish Lenders & Lessees

We can assist with:

  • Opening of retail bank accounts in each location for invoices, tax, VAT and expenses payments.
  • Holding and receiving the share capital and annual profit of the entity in line with transaction agreements.
  • Making payments and receipts into the account and reconciling transactions.

We can assist with:

  • Organising working capital requirements by receiving and paying funds on behalf of the entity.
  • Reconciling the receipts and payments and investigating any differences.
  • Organising any foreign exchange transactions and operating case sweeps.
  • Preparation and follow up of wire transactions to ensure payments are made on time and to the correct recipient.

We can provide:

  • Set up and registration of new hires with social security
  • Set up and company's registration with social security and tax authorities
  • Completion of specific forms (e.g. U1 or employer certificate, ADEM certificate for Aide au réemploi, forms for reimbursement of special leave)
  • Monthly payroll calculation and declaration to the Luxembourg authorities
  • Provision of a part-time employee
  • Test calculations (e.g. gross to net, net to gross, employer cost)
  • Reporting and preparing statistical data
  • Assistance with secondment formalities
  • Preparation of collective agreement salary adjustments
  • Liaison with foreign payroll provider in case of split salary or foreign payroll
  • Help with tax returns and official notices 
  • Applications for employment and working visas 

We can provide preparation of the co-funding request and budget preparation.

We will act as an independent escrow agent to hold your assets securely in escrow and distribute them according the terms of your transaction agreement.  

What you say

What you say

  • “We received valuable advice from Ocorian so we could open up our share capital through implementing administrative, legal, accounting and financial good governance measures. This has allowed us to focus on our core business."

    eMoney Solutions Ltd

    Hervé Tairou, Founder

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