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Accounting Services & Regulatory Reporting

We ensure your structures are in good standing, wherever you and your assets are in the world.

Reporting on your finances

Ocorian has extensive experience setting up and maintaining all kinds of wealth management structures. As part of our comprehensive service, we work with private clients and their advisors to ensure all tax* and compliance matters, including regulatory reporting, are dealt with accurately and on time. 

We will work with your advisors to make sure your structures are always in good legal and regulatory standing – including Common Reporting Standard (CRS) and Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) reporting – helping you avoid excessive scrutiny and any fines and reputational damage that can result.  

We can act as a single information repository for assets to streamline the administration of complex international financial structures. Alternatively, we can complete basic family trust compliance and regulatory reporting tasks and leave your advisors to take care of the rest.  

Whatever the precise details of the service, we understand the importance of being able to provide independent and impartial oversight of family assets.

*Ocorian do not provide tax advice

We can help you

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  • Enjoy your assets

    We will keep your trust, foundation, or company in good standing, freeing your time so you can prioritise what is most important to you.

  • Establish a single source for all information

    We will hold and secure all your relevant financial information, act as a single repository for your assets and as a hub for your network of trusted advisors.

  • Protect your reputation

    Accurate, timely filings and complete regulatory compliance protect your reputation. Our teams are experts in FATCA, CRS and other regulatory reporting.

  • Reduce your workload

    We will work in tandem with your advisors to prepare tax returns, accounts and compliance forms.

  • Fiduciary transparency

    We will keep you and your advisors up to date with the latest regulatory changes. We work across all our jurisdictions to ensure you are compliant regardless of where your assets are held.

  • Retain your privacy

    We will never reveal any unnecessary information to a third-party.

Why Ocorian?

  • Global reach

    With offices worldwide, our highly regarded private client teams provide customised and scalable solutions to protect, preserve and grow your family wealth.

    Global reach
  • One place for all your information

    We run a streamlined operation tailored to your needs using technologies that make relevant information readily accessible via our secure portal.

    One place for all your information
  • 50+ years' experience

    Our private client team has been ensuring strong accounting and regulatory reporting for over 50 years. Some of our clients have been with us for decades.

    50+ years' experience

Accounting & regulatory reporting services

An initial review of entities, previous compliance work and a review of all documentation completed is provided to intermediaries.


Setup to pre-agreed standard template on Global our accounting platform. 

Bookkeeping all transactions occurring in the financial period including bank account management/ reconciliations - compliance with IFRS if required. Consolidated asset and liability reporting.


Initial classification of entity substance status.

Making payments on time, to the correct recipient, in the correct currency once the payment has been authorised.

Keeping track of economic substance in all relevant jurisdictions.

Keeping trust information up to date on relevant registers.

Support on audit-related or other statutory and regulatory queries, as required.

Performing compliance services for multi-jurisdictional entities.

Normally only an annual tax return filing is required to be provided though services such as VAT processing and completion services are offered in some jurisdictions.

Preparation of annual entity accounts and filing if required.

Specialist provision of accounting services, for fraud investigation, due diligence and financial analysis, via expert with inter alia insolvency experience. 

Provision of a statutory regulatory officer to client. 

Initial classification of entity FATCA / CRS status.

Reporting obligations in line with common tax compliance regulation.

This service is often related to changes in related persons, structure and potentially investments (so called "trigger events"), facilitated by the administration teams and utilising the support teams for the data gathering and data checks.

Maintenance of statutory and regulatory registers and associated records. Preparation and approval of relevant statutory, regulatory and tax filings. Report to the client summarising activities in the structure and includes copies of accounts, investment monitoring analysis, substance, CRS, GDPR filings, structure charts and items for review with the client.

Regulatory, legal and statutory reviews frequency is normally based on the risk rating for the structure and/ or associated legal persons.

In conjunction with tax advisors, legal advisors and/or investment consultants as appropriate will review the risks relating to a structure for structure parties following a change in the structure e.g. domicile of a legal person associated with the structure and/ or a change to the investment portfolio and/ or strategy, for example, to beneficiaries.

Structured report on the financial performance of assets; often undertaken either using a third party or by the use of third party software e.g. Enhance monitoring services. 

Specifically the provision of accounts payable services or billing/ accounts receivable services.

Bespoke to client and their circumstances/objectives, payroll services as part of HR support services.

Bespoke to the client and their circumstances/objectives e.g. paying bills, provision of consolidated information (expenses, income, assets held) as required by the client. Consolidated asset and liability reporting. Preparation of management accounts.

What you say

What you say

  • "It’s the level of detail Ocorian goes into which is provided both quickly and efficiently. Ocorian provides the best, diligent and 'we are all in the same boat together' service. Shared ownership and responsibility is what sets Ocorian apart."

    Property management company

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