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Philanthropic Services

We structure your affairs to include provision for philanthropy, whether it is to make a long-term commitment to a cause, or with a specific charity objective in mind.

Supporting your philanthropic endeavours

Modern philanthropy is a complex task. Donors want to make sure their hard-earned wealth is making a difference and driving real change by establishing the most efficient philanthropic structures possible.

Philanthropic services from Ocorian help you establish a streamlined and effective philanthropic strategy.

From occasional targeted distributions to bespoke and focused philanthropic missions, we have extensive experience across a range of causes and approaches to philanthropy.

We establish the right trust or foundation for your needs, administer it effectively and ensure all relevant regulations are adhered to.  

We understand social investment and cross-border giving and know how to ensure you - as the benefactor - get the most from your gifts, including tax relief.

We can help you

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  • Give more, more efficiently

    By setting up and maintaining an efficient philanthropic structure, we will make sure more of your money goes to the causes you care about.

  • Run your charity with the same rigour as a business

    We will run your project with the same rigour as a business and assist you to make difficult decisions if the project starts to drift away from its original mission. 

  • Monitor your strategy

    We will help keep you abreast of the status of your charitable structure and the performance of your donations. We will also make sure philanthropy is always guided and protected by good governance and clear parameters.

  • Support you and your family's passions

    Whether it’s a medical charity, a cultural institution, or your alma mater, we will help you support the causes you’re most passionate about.

  • Keep compliant

    Philanthropic vehicles must abide by relevant laws and regulations. With Ocorian, your foundation will be fully compliant.

  • Ingrain philanthropy into your business

    Many young entrepreneurs want philanthropy to be at the core of their businesses. We will help make charitable giving central to your company’s mission.

Why Ocorian?

  • Experience in building philanthropy

    Private client is the longest standing service line at Ocorian. Some of our clients have been trusting us with their philanthropic missions for decades and generations. They appreciate our knowledge, flexibility, and personal approach.

    Experience in building philanthropy
  • Global footprint

    We offer our services in all major global financial hubs, so we can establish and maintain philanthropic structures around the world and help you support good causes outside of your country of residence.

    Global footprint
  • Our people

    You can rest assured that your charitable trust or foundation will be managed by highly qualified experts. Our private client services team will build a relationship with you and always work in accordance with your wishes.

    Our people

Philanthropic services

We manage the formation and ongoing administration services for all types of charitable trusts and foundations.

We will liaise with co-founders and donors to achieve a consistent mission and message, ensuring the work of the charity is well supported. We also liaise with external advisers, regulators and auditors.

We manage any distributions of trust assets to beneficiaries and / or other related parties, including trust winding up as well as in-life trust distributions.

We will conduct interviews for senior appointments to the charity's management team.

We will provide one or more directors to act as council members in accordance with the foundation charter and relevant foundation law.

We will monitor the charity's financial position and assess the long-term financial performance and sustainability. 

We will provide one or more trustee (typically one) to act as trustee of a client trust in accordance with the trust terms and relevant trust law.

We will provide one or more corporate protector (typically one) to act as protector of a client trust in accordance with the trust terms and relevant trust law.

We will provide one or more corporate enforcer (typically one) to act as enforcer of a client purpose trust in accordance with the trust terms and relevant trust law.

What you say

What you say

  • "I have worked closely with Ocorian since 2009 in respect of a large charitable trust of which I am a trustee. The administrative support given by Ocorian has been first rate and their understanding of the issues faced by offshore charitable trustees managing a sizeable investment portfolio have been of huge benefit to the smooth running and continued legal and regulatory compliance of the trust."

    Charity trustee

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