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Company incorporation

We specialise in the incorporation and establishment of corporate subsidiaries and special purpose vehicles (SPVs).

High quality entity formation services

Setting up new international subsidiaries and special purpose vehicles (SPVs) across multiple territories can take time and require complex arrangements.

Our company incorporation specialists, located locally in each jurisdiction we service, ensure your entity is correctly incorporated and established.

We are commonly involved in the set up and ongoing administration of corporate structures and SPVs for M&A, private equity investment, asset housing, restructures, real estate, international expansion, funds and debt listing purposes.  

Our corporate clients represent the whole spectrum of industries, including telecommunications, energy, manufacturing, aviation and shipping.


How we help

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  • A fast & smooth incorporation

    Our dedicated team of experts are experienced in cross-border transactions and investment structuring. They will take your instruction and handle the full incorporation process from beginning to end.

  • Navigate local laws

    Our local experts have in-depth knowledge of the regulatory requirements in each jurisdiction. We ensure the establishment of your entity meets with regulatory requirements and complies with all local laws. 

  • Maintain your entity in good standing

    We provide a range of ancillary services which include corporate administration, statutory compliance, board meeting support and local resident director services.

  • Reduce the time you spend managing entities

    We pride ourselves in providing a proactive corporate administration service, not only looking at what needs to happen in the short term to ensure compliance, but also assessing the horizon for upcoming regulatory changes.

Why Ocorian

  • Local expertise

    With a team of incorporation experts based in each one of our offices worldwide, we are perfectly placed to keep on top of local regulatory standards and ensure your entity confirms to local requirements.

    Local expertise
  • A complete corporate solution

    Our company incorporation teams are supported by company secretaries, governance experts and accounting and tax professionals to provide a comprehensive international support package to your entity.

    A complete corporate solution
  • Cost effective service

    For some services, we can offer a fixed fee, all-inclusive service enabling you to manage costs and have peace of mind across your global corporate estate.

    Cost effective service

Company incorporation services

We will create a separate legal entity, either a company (including Cell Companies ICC, PCC, a SAC), an SPI, a partnership, a trust or a foundation and file the relevant agreements to give substance to that entity as a legal entity with a separate identity from those who own or run it, and can take several forms.

We make sure you company is incorporated quickly and efficiently.

This includes:

  • Checking the availability of the proposed corporate name
  • Preparation of the articles of incorporation and, if required, representation of the founding shareholder at incorporation
  • Coordination with the bank regarding the issuance of the blocking certificate
  • Meeting with the notary and follow up actions
  • Establishment of the shareholder’s register

What you say

What you say

  • "Ocorian has supported us well with a range of services from the trust / SPV operating standpoint as well as the essential accounting and administrative support to ensure that we are not just in compliance with our financing requirements but able to meet and respond to the various needs of both our investors and lenders."

    RTI Connectivity Pte. Ltd

    Brian Mass, CFO

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