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Contentious Trusts & Dispute Resolution

In the unfortunate event of a family dispute or a breakdown in the relationship between trustees or beneficiaries, we aim to proactively engage to achieve a satisfactory and timely outcome.  

Helping to resolve disputes

Disputes sometimes happen within families, between trustees and beneficiaries, or between trusts and other third parties. Our specialist teams work to ease tensions while charting the best path forward for you or your family. 

We understand the unique nature of family disputes and the need to act firmly but also with tact and sensitivity. Where resolution requires a new or modified structure, we will work towards achieving that in an effective manner, keeping disputes out of court if possible.

Our contentious trust team involves experts in contentious law and has the expertise to act as a replacement or court-appointed trustee as part of a dispute resolution process.

Whatever the details of the dispute, we will act on behalf of all beneficiaries to quickly restore a sense of good order to your structures.

We can help you

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  • Avoid court

    We will explore all other avenues for resolution in the hope of avoiding a potentially expensive and public court case. 

  • Understand all potential consequences

    Our team includes specialist former litigators, experts in contentious law, accountants and tax experts who will act on professional advice and keep you fully informed of the consequences of every decision.

  • Reconstitute investment vehicles

    If the easiest path to resolution is to reconstitute a trust or replace it entirely, we will help create new structures that satisfy that outcome. 

  • Create a more appropriate structure

    We believe that the best way to avoid disputes in future is through a well-designed and well-run trust that suits everyone's needs. 

  • Resolve global disputes

    Trust disputes can occur where family members reside, where the trustee is based or where assets are held. We work with our colleagues and advisors in other jurisdictions to manage these sometimes-complex situations.

Why Ocorian?

  • Expertise in contentious law

    Our team includes former litigators, accountants and tax specialists highly experienced in contentious law.

    Expertise in contentious law
  • Sensitivity

    We understand the sensitivity of family disputes and acknowledge the emotions involved. We regard litigation as a last resort, encouraging arbitration and private resolution whenever possible.

  • Global footprint

    We have a strong presence in jurisdictions around the world, so we can comfortably handle complex cases involving international assets and families.

    Global footprint

What you say

What you say

  • "Extremely diligent, proactive and professional."

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