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Nordic Corporate Bond Market Annual Report 2023

Nordic Corporate Bond Market Annual Report 2023

07 February, 2024
Europe Capital Markets SPV Administration

Despite the challenges faced globally in 2023, including ongoing conflicts and shifts in financial dynamics, the Nordic corporate bond market displayed resilience. 

Noteworthy is the 31% surge in new issuance volume across Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark ISINs in response to rising interest rates. While this figure represents a 43% decrease from the record-setting 2021, it contributes to a year-end total outstanding volume of EUR 113bn, showcasing a modest 3% decline compared to the previous year. 

Our Nordic Corporate Bond Market Report 2023 delves into these developments, offering comprehensive insights into the market landscape.

Key highlights in the report include:

  • An overview of the Nordic corporate bond market
  • Outstanding and new issue volumes, segment & sector distributions
  • Green bond statistics
  • Default rates & market performance (index)
  • A deeper dive into market activity across Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Danish & European markets

The developments highlighted in the report are sourced using aggregated statistics provided by Nordic Trustee, Stamdata and Nordic Bond Pricing.

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We hope you find the report insightful. The presented data represents just a small fraction of the total data available from Stamdata and Nordic Bond Pricing. 
For more insights that are tailored to your specific needs, visit the Stamdata website.
If you have any questions or would like to discuss the report further, please contact the Stamdata team

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