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We are delighted to be a bronze sponsor of the Guernsey Funds Forum taking place on 11 May 2023 in London, which is titled ‘The Future of Funds’.

Guernsey is globally recognised as a stable place to do business and is Europe’s leading private equity domicile. The island boasts five decades of experience as a mature financial services jurisdiction, proffering high standards and low regulatory costs.

Expect a series of masterclass sessions on how various funds can be established, followed by two panel sessions. The first panel will discuss first-time funds managers and emerging asset classes, considering the associated risks and rewards. The second will contemplate the topic of fund distribution and the hurdles faced in different geographic regions.

You can also connect with our expert funds team at the event (or at your convenience). Richard Hansford – Head of Business Development European Funds (Jersey), Ben Hill – Co-Head of Global Funds, Luke Jager – Client Director of Global Funds and Mark Symons – Client Director of Global Funds are ready to answer any questions that you may have. 

Get the full event details here