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Listing Services

There can be much to consider when deciding which exchange to list on and how to ensure a seamless listing thereafter.

Choosing a trusted sponsor

We pride ourselves on providing highly professional sponsorship services to a wide range of issuers seeking to list their products on a stock exchange.

We are listing sponsor on the following exchanges:

  • The International Stock Exchange (TISE)
  • Cayman Islands Stock Exchange (CSX)
  • Bermuda Stock Exchange (BSX)
  • The Irish Stock Exchange (ISE)
  • The Vienna MTF 

What we do

Our services include:

  • Preparing the formal letter of application and vetting the prospectus to ensure compliance with the listing regulations
  • Submitting the prospectus to the listing committee
  • Submitting issuer/director/sponsor undertakings
  • Vetting and submitting all further documents required under the listing regulation
  • Acting at all times as the issuer’s principal channel of communication with the stock exchange, and maintaining close informational ties with the issuer
  • Ensuring the issuer complies with its continued obligations under the relevant section of the listing regulations (depending on the nature of the security listed and the jurisdiction)
  • Responding quickly on behalf of the issuer to all enquiries made by the stock exchange
  • For TISE listings – preparing initial application documents including a wrapper/ listing document, reviewing the offering document or instruction to ensure compliance with the listing rules and the submission of the fund listing application
  • Acting as listing sponsor for other instruments including debt and insurance-linked securities (ILS)

Our expert teams also provide administration, accounting, corporate secretarial and corporate governance services, including monitoring compliance with ongoing listing obligations of the relevant stock exchange.

Connect with us

Sherman Taylor

Head of Capital Markets - Bermuda


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