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Depositary Services

Ensure the effective protection, monitoring and oversight of your alternative investment fund’s assets by leveraging our AIFMD depositary services.

Effective protection, monitoring and oversight of your fund’s assets

We are licensed to provide depositary services to both listed (UK) and private alternative investment funds (AIFs) in regulated jurisdictions including Luxembourg, Ireland and the UK.

We act in the interest of the investor to safekeep the assets of the AIF, whilst our depositary solutions run seamlessly alongside your fund administration requirements to remove the necessity for multiple providers.

Our fund technology platform and specialist alternative investment expertise ensures we deliver timely, accurate and robust reporting solutions.

Our depositary services help you:

  • Safeguard your assets: Our team will safekeep the fund’s assets, perform oversight duties and monitor the fund’s cash flow to ensure your assets are protected
  • Maximise your strategy’s success: our senior management professionals have a deep understanding of alternative investment strategies so you can rest assured you’re in safe hands
  • Remain compliant: our knowledge of UK, EU and global regulations ensure you remain fully compliant with applicable regulations such as AIFMD
  • Implement a strong governance culture: our strong quality control and assurance processes, and defined ownership and accountability models enable better strategic execution and decision making

Why Ocorian:

  • Expertise in alternative investment funds: We have a deep understanding of the needs of alternative investment fund managers (AIFMs) and have a strong track record in supporting funds to fulfil private equity, venture capital, infrastructure, real estate, debt, and funds of funds strategies
  • Dedicated client contacts: We provide a dedicated client contact in your location to ensure strong communication with us
  • Technology: Strategic partnership with efront to provide full-service offering

Our depositary services

If you are an alternative investment fund manager operating under AIFMD, you will need to appoint a depositary to safekeep the fund’s assets, perform oversight duties and monitor the fund’s cash flow. The depositary is responsible to act solely in the interest of the investor.


Our depositary services include:

  • On-boarding: we’ll conduct risk assessments and review constitutional documents to identify all limits and restrictions
  • Provision of a board/AIFM escalation matrix
  • Cashflow monitoring: we’ll ensure all funds are managed appropriately and ensure the timely settlement of transactions
  • Asset registration and safekeeping of assets: we’ll verify and register the ownership of non-custodial assets and provide an up-to-date inventory at any time
  • Oversight of sale, issue, repurchase and redemption of assets: we’ll ensure transactions are carried out in line with the law and constitutional documents
  • Oversight of NAV methodology and procedures: we’ll ensure the value of interests in the AIF are calculated in accordance with law and constitutional documents and reviewed on a regular basis
  • Investment compliance: we’ll ensure procedures comply with applicable laws and regulations
  • Reporting to the AIFM: we’ll provide quarterly reporting to the AIFM on our depositary duties


Our teams are located near you to make communication easy and can provide depositary services to funds domiciled in the following locations:

  • Luxembourg
  • UK
  • Ireland

“We know we are in great hands with the Ocorian depositary team. They are excellent, proactive and we take comfort in the fact they are looking out for our funds.”

- Private fund manager

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