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Corporate Governance services for funds

We provide regulatory expertise to thousands of funds and investment entities around the world.

Managing fund governance needn’t be a headache

Ocorian understands how important fund governance is to protect the fund’s investors. We have years of experience helping funds and SPVs stay compliant and managing risk across multiple jurisdictions, with dedicated, knowledgeable teams on the ground in key locational hubs including Delaware, the Cayman Islands, Ireland, Luxembourg, and the UK.

Partnering with us ensures your fund is up to speed with regulatory developments and manages its internal processes efficiently. We believe good governance underpins a fund operating ethically, transparently and in the best interests of its stakeholders.

As an independent third party, Ocorian acts as a seamless extension of your own team and resources, so you can focus on growth.

How we help funds with their governance

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  • Enhanced investor protection

    Outsourcing your corporate services requirements reflects recent regulatory guidelines that emphasise investor protection through additional, independent oversight.

  • Improved efficiency

    Our experts are experienced professionals, reducing the admin burden on your staff and allowing them to focus on core investment activities.

  • Streamlined transfers

    We’ll make sure the process of transferring funds is smooth and support you if any complexities arise.

  • More informed decision-making

    Our expertise means you don’t have to worry about any knowledge gaps internally. We’ll arm you with the right information and insights to make better future choices.

Why Ocorian?

  • Global outlook, local expertise

    Our teams have detailed knowledge of the regulations and legalities wherever the fund vehicles are domiciled e.g. Cayman Islands. Ocorian's fiduciary expertise means you don’t have to worry about any knowledge gaps internally, we’ll arm you with the right information and insights to make better choices.

  • Excellent track record

    We have been managing Fund entities to a high standard for years, proving you can trust us to provide security, oversight, and overall peace of mind. Our experts are experienced professionals, reducing the administrative burden on your staff and allowing them to focus on core investment activities.

  • Alignment with investor expectations

    We don’t just action requests but instead take time to understand any specific needs to ensure the best interests are represented from entity to board level. Ocorian helps you to meet the demands of the current regulatory environment and its emphasis on investor protection through additional, independent oversight.

  • Conflict free solutions

    Ocorian is truly independent and can remove conflicts of interest whilst improving overall governance and protection for investors.

Corporate services for fund governance

We act as independent directors to provide you and your investors with complete oversight and strong governance. Ocorian also offers trustee services in the Cayman Islands for unit trusts, which are ideal for institutions looking to establish offshore entities, especially from Asia.

Ocorian provides a registered address and corporate secretarial services for your entities. We also maintain important company records in line with the statutory requirements, such as maintenance of registers of member and directors. We'll keep your entity in good standing with the local regulator and assist with annual filings. 

Ocorian can provide a range of AML services, including locally resident AML Compliance Officers with jurisdictional expertise. They will monitor your fund administrator's activities, including the review of transactions, generating annual reports, and ensuring the adherence to AML policies and procedures.  The AML officers will ensure the board and operators are kept apprised of any developments and can also support AML framework preparation and annual AML training for directors.

Ocorian can perform AML checks on your fund's investors, specific investments and offer various risk screening services to help you identify any potential AML/CTF risks or issues.

We’ll manage all the planning to ensure a hassle-free board meeting experience. From scheduling and coordinating service providers to preparing board materials (including reports from various service providers), the team are on hand whilst also taking the minutes tracking action items. Ocorian also offers board advisory services, which means directors can be confident that all agenda items will be covered. 

In any jurisdiction where there are mandatory annual tax and/or regulatory filings, our teams will co-ordinate and manage as well take on any accounting tasks, including quarterly reports and interim financial statements.

Ocorian works closely with your fund's legal team and lawyers to collate information to create the necessary accounts. We also have a separate legal service, Ocorian Law, that provides advice on a broad range of funds, insurance, corporate, capital markets’ law.

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