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Ocorian's Gold Excellence winners

Ocorian's Gold Excellence winners

At Ocorian, we take our values of being ambitious, agile and collaborative seriously. They define how we work together and how we deliver exceptional client service. Our Employee Excellence Awards recognise colleagues who embody these values. In particular, our gold award is presented to our team members who consistently uphold all three values.

Congratulations to the following individuals on their well-deserved gold award wins:

Rishikesh Batoosam – Unit Head, Client Services
Rishikesh lives up to all our values. He is ambitious - always looking to take on more responsibilities and avail himself of initiatives. He is highly collaborative and helps the different departments to be more efficient. He is agile and one of the first to respond to change and new initiatives.

Nik Lee – Head of Business Intelligence

Since joining last year, Nik has been instrumental in supporting our finance team and consistently produced superb work which helps us monitor our progress and informs our decision making. Nik demonstrates a desire to grow and is unwavering in her commitment to her work. Nik has moved with us from Hong Kong to be based in our London office.

Leanne Le Signe – Associate Director, Legal

Leanne has proven to be an invaluable asset to Ocorian. Amongst so many other achievements, she has engaged across the team to standardise client documentation, supplier material and policies. She developed, implemented, and trained colleagues, relieving the burden on our directors, and enabling them to focus on our clients.

Lee Stoutt – Manager, Risk and Compliance Operations

As the Head of the Sanctions Monitoring team, Lee has shouldered the primary day-to-day responsibility to ensure that Ocorian remains in compliance with the new sanctions necessary in the current climate.

Cheryl Surgeoner – Associate Director, Global Funds

Cheryl is the ‘go-to’ person for many disciplines. She runs a superb Depositary team, assists with Company Secretarial tasks and shares a wealth of knowledge with the team around her.

Thank you to Rishikesh, Nik, Leanne, Lee, and Cheryl, as well as all our many silver and bronze award winners.

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