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Farah Ballands steps down as CEO

Farah Ballands steps down as CEO

07 January, 2021

After successfully guiding Ocorian and Estera through a major merger in 2020, Farah Ballands has decided to step down as CEO of Ocorian. Current Chairman, Frederik van Tuyll will take over the responsibilities of the Chief Executive Officer role on 31 March 2021. 

Frederik was appointed as Chairman of Ocorian in 2019 and following Farah’s departure he will assume both the CEO responsibilities in addition to those of Chairman. Frederik is a highly experienced and industry recognised figure.

Frederik said “We want to ensure continuity for our clients and employees and it therefore makes total sense for me to combine the responsibilities of Chairman and CEO. Our strategy will remain the same and we will continue to build our business.”

He continued “Farah has done an outstanding job and will be sorely missed. She has been incredibly ambitious and achieved a remarkable amount: firstly, for Estera and most recently, of course, for Ocorian. Under her stewardship we have successfully brought everyone together so that we are now operating more collaboratively and as one unified business. Her agility, hard work and effort has built a solid foundation for our business. I am extremely grateful to her and, given the personally challenging year she and her family have had, I fully understand her decision.”

Farah Ballands added “I have thoroughly enjoyed leading the business through the acquisition and merger with Estera. However, now we are one year on, the time is right for me to hand over the reins. I am confident that we have built an excellent management team, created a platform for growth and that Ocorian will go from strength to strength.”