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Why the UAE should be on your radar for wealth planning: a guide for Indian families

Why the UAE should be on your radar for wealth planning: a guide for Indian families

13 June, 2024
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Are you an Indian family looking to solidify your wealth planning strategy? Nina Auchoybur, Managing Director – UAE, sheds light on why the UAE could be the ideal jurisdiction for you. With its robust legal framework and a thriving business environment, the UAE offers a multitude of advantages, particularly when it comes to utilising a UAE foundation.

What are the advantages of establishing a foundation in the UAE for Indian families?

1. Safeguarding your legacy

With its well-defined family structuring options, the UAE presents a compelling solution for Indian residents and Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) managing overseas investments. This is especially true if these investments have matured, and you seek to shield them for future ventures.  A UAE foundation allows you to bypass complex foreign transfer regulations when accessing those funds, ensuring a smoother flow for future investments.

2. Unwavering security

The UAE boasts two international financial powerhouses: the Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) and the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC). Both operate under independent legal and regulatory systems based on Common Law. This translates to significant protection for your assets. Judgments from foreign courts hold no sway within these jurisdictions, providing an additional layer of security for your meticulously planned structure.

3. Traditional challenges, modern solutions

Traditional inheritance structures can prove cumbersome for families with international footprints and assets scattered across different countries. Imagine children pursuing careers abroad, with no intention of returning to India to manage the family business. A UAE foundation effortlessly tackles this challenge.

4. Building a lasting legacy

By meticulously structuring your assets through a UAE foundation, you can guarantee their management and distribution according to your wishes, regardless of your children's location.

5. Flourishing businesses, empowered families

Whether you're expanding your existing business into the UAE or nurturing your children's entrepreneurial aspirations within this dynamic economy, the Foundation can act as a custodian for earmarked assets.

6. Asset protection & governance

Foundations in the UAE offer a robust shield, safeguarding your assets from external threats. Furthermore, they establish a clear framework for governance, ensuring your wishes are meticulously upheld for generations to come.

7. A thriving community: the Indian diaspora in the UAE

Many Indian families, with roots spanning three generations in the UAE, are considering returning to India. The UAE foundation proves invaluable in navigating the complexities associated with repatriating foreign assets, ensuring a smooth transition.

Beyond foundations: additional advantages of the UAE

The appeal of the UAE extends far beyond the benefits of foundations:

  • A haven for business: The UAE fosters a stable and business-friendly environment, complete with free zones that provide tax exemptions and other incentives, making it an ideal location for Indian families seeking to establish or invest in businesses.
  • A world of opportunities: The UAE boasts a diversified and flourishing economy, brimming with a vast array of investment prospects. This empowers Indian families to diversify their portfolios and potentially achieve outstanding returns.
  • Streamlined business formation: Setting up investment vehicles or holding companies in the UAE is a refreshingly simple and efficient process, removing unnecessary hurdles for Indian families.
  • A strategic hub: The UAE's strategic location, nestled between Asia, Africa, and Europe, makes it a convenient central point for managing your global assets.
  • Tax efficiency: The UAE adheres to a territorial tax system, meaning income generated outside the UAE is generally exempt from taxation. This translates to significant benefits for NRIs with income sources in other countries.


Why choose Ocorian?

At Ocorian, we understand the intricacies of wealth planning for families with global aspirations.  Our team of experts can guide you through the advantages of UAE foundations and explore how they can seamlessly integrate into your overall wealth structuring strategy. 

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