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Estera & Ocorian merger - FAQs

1. Will my terms of business change?
All contractual relationships will remain the same as they are today. Our updated global terms of business are available on our new website here.

2. Will my registered office address change?
At this stage, there will be no change to your registered office, except for clients of Estera in Mauritius where we have recently moved office. Clients who are impacted by this change have already been notified by the team in Mauritius.

Estera is being rebranded to Ocorian however we are not changing our legal entity names at this stage and all existing entities will continue to operate under the same legal entity name for the time being. 

3. Will my fees change and who will invoice me?
There will be no change to your agreed terms at this stage and you will continue to be invoiced by the same legal entity.

4. Who will my day to day contact be?
Your current contacts will remain the same. We will be combining our teams and in time there will be opportunities to introduce you to some of our colleagues who may be able to help you in other ways.

5. Who is behind the transaction / who is your new backer?
Ocorian is owned by our own management team and Inflexion Private Equity which has partnered with them since 2016 and supported the company’s internationalisation and acquisitions to date.

Inflexion’s support for the newly combined Ocorian business will provide access to capital, investment in systems and processes as well as funding for further M&A activity to continue to build the scale and scope of the business. Additionally, their international M&A experience makes them best placed to support Ocorian’s international growth plans.


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