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Treasury Services

We provide access to regulated FX and cash management solutions to provide a better return on your money.

FX & cash management services

Are you getting the most competitive forex and interest rates from your banking provider?  

Opening bank accounts with multiple providers to get competitive rates and diversify your banking relationships can be laborious and time consuming to set up and maintain.

Ocorian have carefully selected regulated partners who offer access to foreign exchange (FX) and centralised cash management solutions. 

This gives you access to tight institutional FX spreads and to preferential interest rates on interest bearing, notice, fixed term and instant access deposit accounts from multiple counterparties on one platform. 

All without the need to spend time on setting up multiple banking relationships, performing KYC and maintaining relationships.


How we help

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  • Deeper FX liquidity

    Our clients can access more competitive spreads and deep levels of institutional liquidity on G10 and emerging market currencies. 

  • Access preferential interest rates

    We provide access to preferential interest rates for money held on deposit by offering access to products from a wide range of banks on one platform using a one-time onboarding and KYC process.

  • Diversify your bank risk

    We make it easy to spread money across multiple banking providers without the need to spend more time on due diligence and maintaining multiple relationships.

Why Ocorian?

  • Strong regulated partnerships

    We work with established commercial providers that are authorised by regulators in the UK, Jersey, Luxembourg, Singapore and Canada.

  • Access to a wide variety of products

    Through our partners, we provide access to preferential rates on a wide suite of deposit products including interest bearing, notice, fixed term and instant access deposit accounts from multiple banking providers.

  • Varied FX dealing services

    Execute G10 and emerging market currency pairs via the phone, email, or online platform.

Treasury services

Ocorian has engaged with a third-party foreign exchange (FX) provider that is regulated by the FCA (UK), CSSF (Luxembourg), MAS (Singapore) and CSA (Canada).

This enables our clients to access more competitive spreads and deep levels of institutional liquidity on G10 and emerging market currencies. 

This is well suited to our clients that have multi-currency exposure across their operations and portfolios of entities and require hedging solutions to protect against adverse FX movements and dispense with the inefficiency of over-calling capital.

Trades can be made via online platform, telephone, email or Bloomberg chat. Clients also have access to a dedicated FX dealer, market commentary and flexible margin/collateral hedging facilities.

This service may not be available to all jurisdictions.


Ocorian has engaged with third-party treasury management service providers that offers instant access accounts, notice and fixed deposit accounts from a wide variety of providers. 

Cash balances can be split across different banks to diversify counterparty risk through a cost effective and administratively efficient process, without the need for each client to open multiple bank accounts and perform know your customer (KYC) procedures with each provider.

This means that it is easier to diversify where your cash is held and maximise your interest income. No ongoing paperwork or administration is required to access new banks or new deposit products.


Through an execution only platform, you will be able to see an aggregated feed of deposit products and services from banking providers including instant access, notice and term deposit accounts.  You will be able to select banks and deposit products that meet your requirements and provide instructions to move money between those banks and into deposit products.

A single account is required to access the deposit products of all the banks on the platform.

The treasury service is available in three currencies including GBD, USD and EUR. Additional currencies may be added according to demand.

The panel banks are recommended and constantly monitored by the third party treasury management team, based on appropriate credit worthiness and negotiated rates of interest.

This offers the following benefits:

  • Improved rates of interest

This treasury service aims to offer higher rates of interest for money held on deposit by offering access to multiple deposit products from a wide range of banks on a single platform using a one-time onboarding and KYC process.  Banks often choose to pay better and exclusive deposit rates through this platform because of the overall scale of deposits, quality of the deposits and lower cost of funding which can be achieved by our service provider.

  • Diversification of bank risk

Clients have the opportunity to spread their money across multiple banks through one platform.  Banks include HSBC, Lloyds Bank International, Santander, Butterfield Bank and Rothschild Bank.  New banking providers are added to the platform on an on-going basis.

  • Access to money on the same day

Monies held can be withdrawn on the same day of maturity, subject to cut-off times.

  • Segregation of capital

Monies belonging to clients are only ever held in segregated trust accounts at the banks on the platform.  


Ocorian Partnership

Ocorian works with its partners to produce competitive pricing for the benefit of its clients. All prices available to its clients are net of any margins taken by Ocorian’s partners. Ocorian receives a share of any margin which its partners achieve from any deposit placed.  These services may not be available in all jurisdictions.

Third-party advice

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