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Service spotlight: Ocorian Law’s legal services in Bermuda and the Cayman Islands

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Service spotlight: Ocorian Law’s legal services in Bermuda and the Cayman Islands

In 2020, Ocorian Law was launched as a law firm embedded within Ocorian, offering both a unique set of services and close alignment with the rest of the Ocorian business. With a vision to meet the ever-evolving needs of Ocorian’s international client base, Ocorian Law’s legal services has enabled a one-stop-shop solution for both new and existing clients. This spotlight takes a closer look at those services. 

What we do at Ocorian Law

Ocorian Law advises on the laws of Bermuda and the Cayman Islands, with its key practice areas being closely aligned with Ocorian’s core service lines. These service lines include the principal areas of funds, corporate, capital markets, regulatory and compliance and private client matters. Ocorian Law also advises in the specialist areas of finance, insurance, probate and administration and intellectual property.

The Ocorian Law team

Ocorian Law is led by George NH Jones in Bermuda, and Kendra Foster in the Cayman Islands.

George NH Jones and Kendra Foster are joined by industry experts, Louise Charleson in Bermuda, and Nathaniel Luker in the Cayman Islands. The experienced team is further bolstered by associates and paralegals, in addition to in-house administrative support provided by Ocorian, culminating in an expert-led legal services offering, with impressive client endorsements to match.

Since inception, Ocorian Law has consistently executed on its growth plan, attracting, and retaining top talent within the legal industry. This, combined with its operationally embedded nature within Ocorian, has resulted in Ocorian Law’s success to date. Transparency, efficiency, and stability are just three embodiments of this success.

George NH Jones – Managing Partner, Bermuda noted:

“Ocorian Law’s blend of expertise and experience makes us the ideal partner. Our objective is to add value throughout our client’s legal lifecycle – from formation to final liquidation and every step in between. We want our clients to view us as a natural extension to their operations: their external in-house counsel.”

Kendra Foster – Managing Partner, Cayman Islands also noted:

“Ocorian Law’s ability to thrive in the already established offshore legal environment is a testament to our flexible approach and expert-led team. To say I am overjoyed with our progress is an understatement.”

Find out more about legal services in Bermuda and the Cayman Islands.

If you have any questions on this service spotlight, want to discover more about Ocorian Law’s legal services, or would like to request a fee proposal in relation to a transaction or matter, please contact a member of our team below.

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