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Reforesting Mauritius' Black River Gorges National Park

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Reforesting Mauritius' Black River Gorges National Park

In line with our global charitable theme, environment and sustainability, 25 members of our Mauritius team have been contributing to the reforestation of seven hectares of endemic forest in the beautiful Black River Gorges National Park.

Run in partnership with FORENA, a local NGO committed to biodiversity conservation, and the National Parks and Conservation Service of the Ministry of Agriculture of Mauritius, we have been contributing both funds and time to the project dedicated to eradicating invasive alien plant species and replacing them with endemic trees.

It is hoped the project will help establish the basis for long-term civil society support to biodiversity conservation as well as instil stewardship of the national parks. To this end, FORENA has also enlisted the support of local schools. Scheduled to last a further three years, we will be continuing to support the project through regular replanting sessions.

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