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Ocorian Forum to take place in Nairobi with focus on growing the value of cross-border business

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Ocorian Forum to take place in Nairobi with focus on growing the value of cross-border business

Ocorian Forum to take place in Nairobi with focus on growing the value of cross-border business.

The second in a series of Africa-wide Ocorian Forums, will be held in Nairobi on Tuesday 12th February at the Capital Club East Africa. Bringing together business leaders from across the Kenyan financial and investment community, the Forum will explore the theme of "Growing the value of your cross-border business."

Panel speakers will include: Mr. Paul Kavuma, CEO Catalyst Principal Partners Mrs. Esther Ndeti, Executive Director, East Africa Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (EAVCA) Mr. Andrew Mugambi, Partner Dentons Hamilton Harrison and Mathews. It shall be moderated by Mr. Vishal Agarwal, Chairman and CEO of FULL CIRCLE AFRICA.

About Ocorian Forum

Launched in July 2010 under the name of ABAX Forum, Ocorian Forum is a series of encounters with authoritative speakers involved in business across frontiers.

This year's programme began on 24th January with a high-profile event in Mauritius which took the form of two successive panel discussions. They focused on the private sector and the government’s perspective with respect to investment in emerging markets.

The aim of the Ocorian Forum series is to build awareness of the role of International Financial Centres as accelerators of growth and the contribution they bring as investment platforms to the economies attracting foreign investment.

More generally, Ocorian Forum provides a platform to share experience and best practices between the international and local business communities. Ocorian Forum also unveils key trends in global business and opens doors for fruitful business partnerships.

"The aim of the Forum is to provide participants with the latest insights and trends, and provide a platform for discussion and knowledge sharing," explained Richard Arlove, Regional CEO (AMEA - Africa, Middle East, Asia) at Ocorian and former CEO of ABAX.

"As Africa experiences a surge in inward investment flows, investors face the challenge of growing value from operating across frontiers. Whether from abroad or from within Africa, cross‐border investment points to the importance of mitigating risks and operating in an environment that helps to enhance investor value,” he added.

You can also hear Richard talk about the purpose of the Forums below. You can also read our post-event summary of the first Forum in Mauritius, here.

We provide a full suite of bespoke corporate and fiduciary services to companies, high‐net-worth individuals and funds involved in cross‐border transactions in emerging markets. With a special focus on Africa, we help build enterprise and investor value through the use of International Financial Centres. Learn more about our International Growth services here.

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