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Coronavirus update

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Coronavirus update

In the light of the coronavirus, we are focussed on continuing to provide the highest quality service to our clients as well as on the health and safety of our employees. Our global network of offices has taken proactive steps to ensure we are ready for a prolonged period of disruption and we are ready and available to offer any services you might need in these challenging times.

Our Crisis Management Team, chaired by our Chief Risk and Compliance Officer, is monitoring developments and the latest guidance from the World Health Organisation very closely, and reporting to me and to Ocorian’s leadership team regularly.

Our business continuity plans have been activated and staff who need to work remotely are equipped and able to do so. We are maximising the use of technology to communicate with our clients, key stakeholders and our global teams in order to maintain our client service delivery.

We have issued practical guidance to staff as well as important, scenario-based information on how to manage specific circumstances should they arise. In addition to our internal guidance, we check local government and relevant health agency guidance regularly in each of our operating jurisdictions and advise staff on how to apply it to their working environment.

We are confident that these steps will help us manage the potential impact of coronavirus on our business. However, we are mindful that this is a developing situation and we will take any additional measures required as the situation changes to mitigate the impact on individuals whilst continuing to service the needs of our clients effectively.

We will continue to keep our clients updated and your usual Ocorian contact will be pleased to answer any questions that you may have.