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Transportation & Project Finance

As transportation demands increase globally, the need to upgrade, grow fleets and improve efficiencies continues. Yet financing is becoming ever more complex…

Looking to structure your financing?

When buying or leasing movable assets such as airplanes, trains and ships, or when financing an infrastructure project, arrangers and investors need to establish one or several companies through which to structure the financing. It pays to have a third party to act as an independent administrator of those companies, the funds flow and the operational activities of the deal.

The support of an experienced corporate trust and agency service provider is key.

What we do

- Aviation Finance

With a dedicated team based in Dublin, we focus on the domiciliation and administration of all types of funding structures used in aircraft finance, securitisation, corporate debt funding, holding companies and cross-border structures.

- Rail and Project Finance

Our experienced rail and project finance team provide efficient solutions that meet the needs of even the most complex undertakings. We help ensure that the administration of these structures is coordinated in an effective manner throughout its life cycle.

- Shipping and International Maritime Finance

Ocorian provide all aspects of corporate management for maritime structures and actively administer a variety of different situations to suit your needs.

Trusted independence

For nearly 50 years, Ocorian has serviced the varied needs of corporate and financial institutions. From international maritime finance structures, to aviation and rail finance, our independent and collaborative approach means we can tailor our services to meet your unique needs.

Services include:

  • Accounting and financial reporting
  • FATCA and CRS services
  • Cash management services
  • Corporate administration
  • Director services
  • Transactional administration
  • Agent for calculation, escrow, facility, paying, project, and registrar and transfers
  • Trustee for notes, bonds and security
  • SPV establishment, administration and incorporation

"Ocorian consistently provide a high quality level of service and are always attentive and responsive to our needs. As well as developing personal relationships, the Ocorian team are always happy to assist and proactive in issue spotting. Overall, Ocorian are a pleasure to work with and we hope to continue to have a meaningful working relationship with them in the future."

Hayfin Capital Management