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Private Placement Bond Administration

Medium sized, unrated, private or listed companies seeking medium to long term debt finance are increasingly tapping private placement markets. From issuance through to redemption, these issuers will need the services of a private placement paying agent to facilitate funds flow and reporting.


Looking to ease your administrative burden?

Private placements are typically unlisted and offered privately to a small group of investors rather than publicly to a broader group. Usually illiquid in nature, there may however be transfers between investors which will need to be documented and managed.

What we do

Our administration team combines extensive market experience and first-class IT infrastructure to provide best in class services that include:

  • Paying agency
  • Calculation agency
  • Reporting
  • Listing services

With no other commercial interest in the transaction, we offer a truly independent service and are able to operate in a conflict-free environment.

Providing a dedicated deal team per transaction means we help you to benefit from first-class service and rapid turnaround times while you benefit from our team's specialist expertise in private placement bond administration.