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Nordic corporate bond market delivers record growth

Nordic corporate bond market delivers record growth

09 February, 2022

The Nordic corporate bond market saw record levels of growth in 2021, with green bonds emerging as a substantial portion of the market, reveals the Nordic Corporate Bond Market Report 2021, released by Nordic Trustee, an Ocorian company.

The report highlights key developments in the Nordic corporate bond market (NO, SE, FI and DK ISINs) using aggregated statistics provided by Nordic Trustee and its subsidiaries, Stamdata and Nordic Bond Pricing

Key highlights include:

  • The Nordic corporate bond market reached a new high at EUR 127bn in total outstanding volume, a record 18% increase from 2020
  • Driven by the HY segment, total Nordic corporate new issue volumes increased by 63% in 2021, ending the year at EUR 42bn
  • Green bonds new issuance volumes exploded by 85% to EUR 11bn and the total outstanding volume increased 56% to EUR 24bn
  • Green bonds have become a substantial part of the Nordic corporate bond market at 20% of the total outstanding volume

Commenting on the findings, Ocorian's Global Head of Capital Markets and CEO Nordic Trustee, Cato Holmsen said, “2021 was an exceptional year for the Nordic corporate bond market. It served as an attractive and efficient source of capital for Nordic and international issuers. A large portion of this activity has taken place in the high yield segment, which has driven significant new issuance volumes as investors seek attractive yields relative to their investment-grade counterparts.”  

He continued, “Perhaps unsurprisingly given the public discourse around climate change, green bonds have surged in popularity and continue to show strong growth. They are now a material part of the Nordic corporate bond market and we expect this to continue.”

On the health of the Nordic corporate bond market, “The report shines a light on the rising popularity of the Nordic corporate bond market. It is becoming increasingly diverse, and its straightforward nature and efficiency is attracting a wide range of international issuers. This report provides those active within the market and those considering bond issuances with the hard historical data to enhance their decision making.”

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Nordic Trustee is the leading provider of bond trustee and loan agency services in the Nordic region. The presented data in the Nordic Corporate Bond Market Report 2021 only represents a small share of the total data available from Stamdata and Nordic Bond Pricing. Additional statistics and analytics tailored to your specific needs are available at

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