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Download our global capital markets report - Navigating CovExit: searching for value in the debt markets

Download our global capital markets report - Navigating CovExit: searching for value in the debt markets

Drawing on the insight of senior level decision makers from global capital markets, download our research report, Navigating CovExit: searching for value in the debt markets to learn how investment managers are planning for 'CovExit' and the important role administration and compliance can play in helping them to act with clarity and gain a competitive advantage.

Amid today’s challenging investment environment, we are pleased to present our new research report for the capital markets, Navigating COVEXIT: searching for value in the debt markets.

As economies anticipate a vaccine-led recovery, the withdrawal of government support and banking forbearance will create both opportunities and risks for capital markets practitioners.

Many corporates will need to address their viability, seek refinancing and revaluate their operating models, whilst investors revise their investment strategies to capitalise on opportunities. But any investment strategy is only as good as its execution. 

In this report, we have drawn on our survey of capital markets decision makers from across Europe, North America, Asia and Africa to explore their plans for a post-Covid world and how their approach to compliance and administration could be a harbinger for investment success or failure.

This report will therefore serve as a useful tool in helping market participants assess their operational readiness for implementing their investment strategies and planning for 'CovExit' with confidence.

Download the full report here.

How we can ensure operational execution

From supporting the effective implementation of direct lending strategies, to bringing efficiencies to debt restructurings and insolvencies, our bespoke approach to compliance and administration can streamline your operations.

We partner with our clients as they scale up and adapt to changing circumstances, helping them examine the processes and technologies underpinning their business to identify capability deficits and optimise operations.

Get in touch with our team below to discuss how we can support your capital markets operations or view our full range of services here.

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