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Introducing Ocorian Optics

Introducing Ocorian Optics

28 March, 2022

We are delighted to launch our new tool for capital markets transactions, Ocorian Optics.

Tailored dashboard solutions for your capital markets transactions

Capital markets transactions are traditionally very complex and access to transactional data is often restricted. Ocorian Optics solves this problem by increasing the efficiency, visibility, and accessibility of capital markets transactions through unique reporting and interactive dashboard features.

Ocorian Optics users can break down their transactions and loan portfolios and present loan data in visual, completely customisable reports and dashboards. This gives full, real-time oversight of the users’ transactions and individual commitments, assets, loan and debt types in a user-friendly form.  

Find out the functionality of Ocorian Optics by watching our overview below.

Pradeesh Sriskandarajah, Programme Director - Capital Markets who led the development of Optics commented, “Servicing loan portfolios and providing corporate trust and agency services around the world gives us a unique vantage point when it comes to what capital markets participants want from their transactions.”

He continued, “For clients today, being able to have real-time access to the performance of their investments or progress of their transaction is key. By leveraging our Optics platform they can visualise their data and cut and dice it to create dynamic, easy to digest dashboards that provide both holistic and specific updates on the data that matters to them.”

Alan Booth, Head of Capital Markets Europe and Head of UK&I, added, “The shift to bespoke, entirely customisable data dashboards for investors and lenders was the natural next step for the capital markets. This hasn’t been an option in the past, but Optics resolves the need for accessible, real-time data of clients’ loan portfolios. We are fully committed to continually investing in our technology to increase efficiencies for our clients. Our agility has enabled us to be highly responsive to the market’s need for customisable data points.”

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Contact our Capital Markets team at [email protected] to book your free demonstration of Ocorian Optics.

Our Capital Markets team have full exposure to capital markets transactions through the provision of management, agency and administration services to securitisation, structured finance and alternative finance transactions worldwide. To find out more or get in touch with a member of our team click here.