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AIFM Services

Reduce the financial and administrative burden of setting up your alternative investment fund by leveraging our third-party ManCo/AIFM services.

Third party fund management in Europe

Setting up the required governance framework for alternative investment funds (AIF) under the EU’s Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD), can be time-consuming, human resource intensive and a costly administrative burden.

As an alternative to setting up your own management company (ManCo), fund initiators can avoid this financial, operational and regulatory burden by utilising Ocorian’s third party ManCo/alternative investment fund management (AIFM) services.

In doing so, the fund initiator benefits from Ocorian’s existing, fully AIFMD compliant infrastructure, providing a quick, cost effective and compliant way to realise your fund projects, including for cross-border distribution.

Our expertise spans all alternative investment asset classes including private equity, venture capital, infrastructure, real estate, debt, as well as funds of funds.

We can help you to:

  • Focus on your core competencies: we provide the necessary substance, infrastructure, expertise, and technology platform to enable you to focus on capital raising, asset management generating returns and leave the management company responsibilities to us
  • Optimise your capital raising: by accessing our AIFM’s marketing passport, you can receive an efficient route to distribute your fund within the EU, through a single point of contact
  • Outsource multiple administrative aspects of your fund: we can serve as AIFM, fund administrator and depositary to provide a one stop shop solution for all your fund’s requirements across its life cycle, including any ancillary vehicles linked to your fund project
  • Go to market quickly: we have the requisite infrastructure, legal documentation and service providers in place to enable the fast and efficient set-up and launch of a fund
  • Minimise your costs: many fund managers do not have the scale or resources to deal with the complexity and on-going administrative burden of AIFMD-compliance, so outsourcing to us can be more cost-effective than running your own proprietary ManCo infrastructure
  • Pre-market your fund: we can also be appointed through a dedicated agreement to facilitate the pre-marketing of your AIF to LPs and other possible investors in the EU and the UK
  • Stay compliant: our knowledge of UK, EU and global regulations ensures your operations remain fully compliant with applicable regulations such as AIFMD
  • Mitigate risk: we take responsibility for a wide range of risk areas, from market to operational risk, ensuring that your AIF is managed in accordance with its fund documentation and applicable regulations
  • Tailor your reporting: our technology platform enables you to access completely customisable dashboards and report extracts
  • Improve governance standards: our strong quality control and assurance processes safeguard your reputation and optimise business value

Why Ocorian?

  • Expertise in AIFMD: Our AIFMs in Luxembourg and Dublin are staffed by compliance and accounting specialists experienced in handling the day-to-day operations of an AIF, in compliance with AIFMD and local requirements. We also have sector specialists on the team, for example in the areas of private equity and real estate.
  • Tailored services: We work as a seamless extension of your team and tailor our services to your specific needs
  • Custom reporting: Our fund technology provides you with insights through dashboards and fully customised, tailored reporting


Our AIFM services /ManCo services include:

  • Portfolio management - advisory model: we provide an in-house portfolio management function, with advice from an appointed investment advisor
  • Portfolio management - delegation model: we provide oversight of delegated investment managers.
  • Risk management: we identify risks, establish risk limits to funds and ensure each risk is appropriately measured, monitored, managed and reported on regularly
  • Fair valuation of assets: we ensure the asset-class specific fair valuation of assets by providing oversight to each AIF’s tailored valuation process
  • Fund service provider organisation and synchronisation: we liaise and co-ordinate with all the AIF’s service providers such as the portfolio manager, administrator, depositary and external auditor to ensure that any issues are taken care of early, avoiding escalation measures
  • Marketing notifications: we establish an operating model for marketing notifications to host regulators; distribute the AIF on a cross-jurisdictional basis; oversee marketing agents; and ensure local marketing roles are adhered to for non-EU jurisdictions
  • AIFM and fund regulatory reporting: we provide all necessary AIFM and fund reporting to the CSSF, CBI and ESMA



We can provide AIFM services in the following locations:

  • Luxembourg
  • Ireland