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The Mauritius Foundation: A fitting alternative to Trusts and Private Trust Companies (part two)

The Mauritius Foundation: A fitting alternative to Trusts and Private Trust Companies (part two)

17 September, 2019
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Enabling high-net-worth clients to retain control of their assets while keeping maintenance costs to a minimum, Client Directors, Jimmy How Saw Keng and Kenny Curpen continue to explore how the Mauritius Foundation presents a suitable alternative to trusts and private trust companies (PTC).

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Mauritius Foundations: Giving flexibility for carrying charitable and non-charitable activities

Asian and African HNWIs in several civil code jurisdictions have the ingrained perception that a Foundation is meant for charitable causes only. It is so because, in most cases, their home jurisdiction does not cater for the setting up of Foundations for non-charitable purposes. There a number of benefits of establishing a Mauritius Foundation, including:

  • Based on the Mauritius Foundation Act 2012, a Mauritius Foundation allows for the conduct of charitable as well as non-charitable activities such as estate planning (wealth and succession planning) and commercial activities (trading of goods and services, holding of investments, intellectual property or luxury assets, etc.).
  • A Mauritius Foundation also permits the founder to appoint his close aides on the Council and thus retain full control over the Foundation’s assets.
  • Unlike a PTC, a Mauritius Foundation does not have to be established as a GBL Company or as an AC. 
  • They are not regulated by the FSC and is not subject to OECD BEPS substance criteria, audit requirement and annual regulatory fees.

With regard to tax, a Mauritius Foundation may elect to be tax-exempt if the founder and beneficiaries are non-resident in Mauritius. Owing to its inherent characteristics and the provisions of the law, the Mauritius Foundation presents an ideal alternative to Trust / PTC for high-net-worth clients wishing to retain control of their assets while minimising the annual maintenance cost of their structures.

As Mauritius aims to become a recognised wealth management jurisdiction, the Mauritius Foundation is set to attract the attention of a growing regional high-net-worth market segment already confident in the capabilities and reputation of the jurisdiction.

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