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Ocorian partners with Treety to deliver flexible ESG reporting, analytics and training for fund services clients

Ocorian partners with Treety to deliver flexible ESG reporting, analytics and training for fund services clients

24 January, 2024
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In response to the heightened regulatory and investor focus on ESG disclosures across private markets, Ocorian is proud to announce its strategic partnership with Treety.

This collaboration addresses the increasing need for tailored ESG reporting, driven by regulatory requirements such as SFDR and UK SDR, as well as growing investor appetite for impactful capital deployment.

In partnership with Treety, a leading ESG SaaS solution specialising in private markets, Ocorian fund services now offers a comprehensive suite of tools to its fund services clients, including customised dashboard and analytics, sustainability risk assessment mapping, SFDR annex and disclosure templates, and ESG/Impact data collection and approval flows.

The collaboration provides Ocorian's fund services clients with a flexible solution that aligns seamlessly with their specific fund type, asset class, and framework requirements while efficiently managing complexity at scale.

Yegor Lanovenko, Co-Head of Fund Services, Ocorian, said: "ESG considerations continue to become ever more embedded in all aspects of private markets, with a backdrop of an increasingly complex regulatory landscape.

“Across asset classes, the need for regular portfolio data collection, detailed benchmark analysis, and tailored fund- and investor-level reporting can quickly become operationally complex and manual.

“Partnership with Treety offers our fund services clients a flexible solution to this, with a proprietary platform that can out of the box be tailored to the exact fund, asset class, and framework requirements, whilst also handling complexity at scale.

“Combined with the Treety’s team expertise and genuine passion for simplifying ESG in private assets, this is a solution that naturally aligns to Ocorian’s approach to unlocking value for our clients through expertise and technology-enabled services.”

Mike van Wijhe, Co-founder & CCO at Treety, said: “We are delighted to officially launch our collaboration with Ocorian, and join forces with a distinguished global leader in fund services.

“The rise of ESG, impact and related sustainability regulations in the financial sector has led to a necessary but often complex set of new challenges that Treety has been dedicated to solving over the years for respected asset managers across the globe.

“Delivering Treety’s platform and services through Ocorian will allow its fund services clients to seamlessly address the needs of today’s investors, offering an end-to-end ESG & impact operation system that not only ensures compliance with evolving regulations such as SFDR (Article 6/8/9) and SDR, but allows clients to go beyond standard requirements and utilise their own ESG and impact frameworks with complete flexibility.

“For an organisation of Ocorian’s calibre to recognise and trust our continued dedication is an expansion of our mission that we are confident and excited to deliver on and we’re thrilled to be Ocorian’s ally in achieving that mission.”

For more information, please visit ESG reporting.

About Ocorian Fund Services

Ocorian’s fund services team delivers operational excellence across fund administration, AIFM, depositary and accounting services to the world’s largest financial institutions along with dynamic start-up fund managers and boutique houses. It’s team of over 300 funds specialists work across all major asset classes of alternative investment funds such as private equity, real estate, infrastructure, debt and venture capital, whilst its specialist Islamic Finance team is a leading provider of Sharia-compliant investment structures.

About Treety

Treety addresses the needs of forward-thinking fund managers to tackle the complexities and challenges posed by a fast-evolving new paradigm of ESG considerations, sustainability risks, impact quantification and new regulatory requirements.

Through a highly flexible end-to-end ESG & impact operating system and expert services, Treety enables fund managers to effortlessly quantify, collect, and report impact, sustainability risks and engagement activities for all type of investments especially for funds with an increasing focus on ESG & impact.

Whether to support investment due diligence, formal reporting & compliance, or ESG/Impact performance benchmarking, Treety applies best practices, expert knowledge, the latest developments in technology and machine learning intelligence to remain at the forefront of this relatively new and evolving paradigm to provide our clients with the ideal solution for their specific ESG/Impact strategy.

Treety’s client's range across the globe covering The Netherlands, UK, UAE, Australia, Singapore, Japan and the US.

To learn more the Treety solution and services, visit