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Emphasys Technologies, Inc. (ETI) is a consulting firm based in Philadelphia, USA and is part of the Ocorian Group. We appreciate that mortgage and asset-backed deals need the right support and attention to detail for all parties to feel confident of success. Emphasys Technologies Inc (ETI) have been expertly managing transactions for decades, providing essential structured finance analytics, calculation agent/bond administration and loan portfolio tax accounting services to trustees, banks, asset managers and accounting firms worldwide.

We currently administer over 1,700 transactions, secured by a variety of assets, including residential, home equity, and commercial mortgages, manufactured housing receivables, leases, underlying REMIC securities, and automobile loans.

ETI helps unlock new value so you can grow your business and maintain a competitive edge in today’s markets.  You’ll benefit from our considerable industry knowledge and experience, which when coupled with our collaborative approach, means you always get the right solution no matter how complex or detailed your needs are. 


Our Services

Structured Finance Analytics

We specialize in pre-issuance transaction reviews, deal cash flow modelling, and monthly bond administration services and our knowledge is second to none. 

REMIC Tax and Residual Analysis

We have extensive experience completing REMIC tax reporting for a wide range of structures as well as producing tax reports for grantor trusts, WHFITs, and partnership arrangements.  

Loan Portfolio Accounting and Tax

We can calculate taxable income for loan portfolios of failed institutions purchased from the FDIC with loss share agreements or pools of distressed mortgages. 

Consulting Services

Our software and models make reporting easier and enhance the efficiency of operations. We collect and consolidate excess inclusion income for portfolios of residual interests.

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