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Loan Administration/Loan Agency

Loans involving multiple lenders are often complex and operationally onerous. It can be difficult to keep on top of cash flows, transfers and communications between borrower and lenders, and to ensure the loan administration is kept up-to-date.

Looking to ease your administrative burden?

As the borrower, you can ease the administrative burden of your syndicated loan by appointing an independent loans facility agent.

A facility agent, security agent or collateral agent acts as the primary point of contact between the transaction parties to a syndicated loan. The agent is appointed to manage the communication between the borrower and the lenders, as well as handle the flow of funds.

The facility agent will also calculate the regular interest payments due to lenders in line with the transaction documentation governing the terms of the loan, and provide general administration services in relation to the loan facility.

While a facility agent can help in most syndicated loan administrations, you will need to appoint a conflict-free security trustee if it’s a secured loan. This means the appointment of the facility agent is a key decision for parties to a loan-based transaction.

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What we do

Our loan administration team combines extensive market experience and first-class IT infrastructure to provide independent third-party facility agent services for new transactions, as well as successor facility agent services for existing transactions.

With no other commercial interest in the transaction, we offer a truly independent service and are able to operate in a conflict-free environment.

Our new business approval process is streamlined, enabling us to promptly assess a transaction and respond to client needs in a market where speed and flexibility are paramount.

Providing a dedicated deal team per transaction means we help you to benefit from first-class service and rapid turnaround times while you benefit from our team's specialist expertise in the aviation, private equity, project finance, real estate and shipping industries.

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