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Irish Fund Services

Establish your fund in Ireland with Ocorian

Ireland is one of the world’s leading fund domiciles for raising investment capital in Europe and identifying your route to market is a key strategic decision.
However, managing multiple assets and investment structures across jurisdictions and evolving regulatory landscapes can prove costly, complex and time-consuming. 

As a global leader in providing fund administration, accounting, and alternative investment fund management company  (AIFM) services, we can ease your regulatory and operational burden by supporting your alternative investment fund (AIF) throughout its life cycle: from establishment to ongoing fund administration, depositary and manager and investorreporting and critical regulatory compliance.

Ocorian’s fully AIFMD compliant infrastructure, can provide you with a quick, cost effective and compliant way to realise your fund projects, including for cross-border distribution.

We can help you:

  • Establish your fund in Europe: we provide the necessary substance, infrastructure, expertise, and technology platform to enable you to focus on capital raising. Leave the management company responsibilities and fund administration to us  
  • Optimise your capital raising: by accessing our AIFM’s ability to pre-market and the EU marketing passport, you can receive an efficient route to distribute your fund within the EU, through a single point of contact 
  • Stay compliant: our knowledge of UK, EU and global regulations ensures you remain fully compliant with applicable regulations such as the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD).  
  • Go to market quickly: we have the requisite infrastructure, legal documentation and service providers in place to enable the fast and efficient set-up and launch of a fund 

Why Ocorian?

  • A one-stop shop for fund services: we can serve as AIFM, fund administrator and depositary to provide a one stop shop solution for all your fund’s requirements across its life cycle, including any ancillary vehicles linked to your fund project
  • Dedicated Funds Team based in Ireland: we have experts in providing AIFM, depositary, fund administration and accounting based in Dublin that can efficiently manage all aspects of your fund
  • Expertise in fund services: our global team of over 350 fund professionals have a deep understanding of servicing private equity, venture capital, infrastructure, real estate, Islamic finance, debt, and funds of funds strategies and structures, providing a safe pair of hands for your fund
  • A seamless extension of your team: we’ll work closely with you to tailor our services to your specific needs