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A trusted and dynamic partner

Throughout the life cycle of a hedge fund, the manager must be free to add value to their portfolio. By outsourcing the arduous and resource intensive administration of the fund, they are free to focus on adding value to their portfolio and ultimately, their investors' returns.

Our clients choose us not only because of our strong track record in hedge fund administration, but for our precision, tailored service and exceptional response time.

What we do

Our team of fund directors are experts through every stage of the fund life cycle. With considerable experience across a wide range of fund structures and investment strategies, we guide our clients through the process of fund launch and ongoing maintenance, including board support, directorship services and regulatory obligations.

Our hedge fund services include:

  • Fund formation and administration
  • Fund accounting
  • Fund administration
  • Directorships
  • Listings
  • Registrar and transfer agency
  • Unit trusts
  • AML
  • Voluntary liquidation
  • Ancillary support
  • Manager of managed entity services
  • SPV and corporate services
  • Investor services
  • Cash management services
  • Carried interest vehicle administration
  • Company secretarial services

We've won the following awards:

  • Best Fund Services Provider, Investment Week Fund Services Awards 2018
  • Best Specialist Fund Service Solution, Investment Week Fund Services Awards 2017
  • Best Local Fund Administrator, Private Equity Africa Annual GP and Advisor Awards 2017
  • International Fund Services of the Year, Channel Islands Global Fund Awards 2015


  • Invest Europe
  • The Association of the Luxembourg Fund Industry (ALFI)

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