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Escrow Services

Parties to a transaction need a trusted, independent third party to hold and subsequently disburse assets in accordance with the terms of the transaction – but traditional agents are increasingly constrained by regulation and Know Your Client (KYC) requirements.

Why use an escrow agent?

When entering an M&A transaction or dealing with corporate finance, there are two or more parties with their own interests in mind. Who’s put in charge of keeping the assets safe while the deal is done?

An independent escrow agent provides additional assurance to transaction counterparties because they keep the escrow property in a secure and independent environment. Assets are only released once the escrow agent is satisfied all conditions of the governing agreement have been met.

What we do

Increased regulation and stringent Know Your Client (KYC) requirements continue to restrict traditional transaction banks, diminishing their appetite to enter into certain transactions.

As a flexible and agile regulated provider, we are focused on providing a seamless and complementary service to banks on transactions where they are constrained from providing a full suite of corporate trust services.

Ocorian has been at the forefront of providing independent, conflict-free services to securitisations and structured finance transactions since the early 1990s.

Our law firm roots bring us credibility in the market, with a best-in-class reputation among law firms and arrangers for our proactive and agile service offering.

We understand that escrow arrangements are often bespoke and need to be structured within a very tight turnaround time. We are able to mobilise resources quickly and effectively to meet the commercial demands of our counterparties.

  • We carry out robust due diligence
  • We maintain our own formal escrow agreement
  • We only use highly-rated banks
  • We can open bank accounts in all major currencies
  • We offer escrow services to meet the majority of situations
  • We maintain a reputation for rapid transactions

Connect with us

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Director - Transaction Management

United Kingdom

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Business Development Director

United Kingdom

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