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Family Investment Companies

Trusts are often recommended to those not domiciled in the UK who are looking at wealth and succession planning but what about individuals who are already deemed domiciled in the UK who can no longer create an offshore trust without an immediate tax liability? The concept of trust is also not always understood by everyone. The idea of transferring ownership of one's own assets to a professional trustee would appear alien to some wealth creators who prefer to maintain management and control of their own business.

Looking for an alternative to trusts?

With the tax complications for a UK domiciled or deemed domiciled individual transferring assets into trust, Family Investment Companies (FICs) are fast becoming a popular alternative to trusts in wealth and succession planning.

The use of FICs has grown significantly in recent years. They are particularly useful where it’s difficult for individuals to pass value into a trust without immediate tax charges but where there is a desire to continue to have some control or influence over the family's wealth protection.

FICs are efficient structures from a UK tax perspective; they collate wealth in one place and allowing for flexibility in the shareholdings for different family members. They tend to be formed as an offshore incorporated company, and can be resident in the UK, but are designed to hold family wealth.

Learn more about the features and benefits of FICs vs Trust companies here.

What we do

Our roots lie in the administration of structures for wealthy families. With nearly 50 years' experience, our award-winning team can seamlessly work alongside you to form a FIC, in accordance with your tax and legal advice, and assist you with its ongoing administration.

We have a thorough understanding of these structures, including bespoke share classes and rights for succession purposes.

In the right environment, we are happy to let the client take on the directorship themselves while we act as company secretary. This enables you or your family to have control of your investments, leaving you free to run your company as you please – with us on hand if you need a little help.

We've won the following awards:

  • We've won the following awards:
  • Trust Company of the Year - Jersey: Citywealth IFC Awards 2020
  • Multi-Family Office of the Year, STEP Private Client Awards 2019
  • Tier 1 Trust Company 2019 - Eprivateclient
  • Family Office Award - Citywealth 2018 & 2019
  • Best Specialist Fund Service Solution - Investment Week Fund Services Awards 2017
  • Risk and Compliance Award - ICSA Jersey 2017
  • Trust Company of the Year - STEP Private Client Award 2016
  • Trust Company of the Year - Citywealth Magic Circle Awards 2016

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