Ocorian Entities

Below is a non-exhaustive list of Ocorian's primary operating entities.

If the Ocorian entity with which you are dealing does not appear on this list, please contact Ocorian's Data Privacy Officer, whose contact details are in our Privacy Statement, if you need confirmation that the entity concerned is part of the Ocorian Group.

Last updated: 13 July 2018.


  1. Ocorian Limited
  2. Ocorian Services Limited
  3. Ocorian Fund Services (Jersey) Limited
  4. Ocorian Trustees (Jersey) Limited
  5. Ocorian SPV Management (Jersey) Limited
  6. Ocorian Corporate Services (Jersey) Limited
  7. Ocorian Corporate Trustees (Jersey) Limited
  8. Ocorian Private Trustees (Jersey) Limited
  9. Ocorian Protector Services Limited
  10. Ocorian Enforcers Limited
  11. Equiniti Trust (Jersey) Limited
  12. Ocorian DIS Scheme Trustees Limited
  13. Ocorian (UK) Limited
  14. Ocorian Corporate Services (UK) Limited
  15. Ocorian Services (UK) Limited
  16. Ocorian (Guernsey) Limited
  17. Ocorian Corporate Services (Guernsey) Limited
  18. Ocorian (Mauritius) Limited
  19. Ocorian Services (Mauritius) Limited
  20. Ocorian (Ireland) Limited
  21. Ocorian Corporate Trustees (Ireland) Limited
  22. Ocorian Fund Services (Ireland) Limited
  23. Ocorian S.à r.l
  24. Ocorian (Luxembourg) S.A.
  25. Ocorian Services (Luxembourg) S.à r.l
  26. IMMO GESTION S.à r.l
  27. Singapore Trust Company Pte Ltd
  28. Singapore Trust International Resources Pte Ltd
  29. Gilstead Limited
  30. Ocorian (Singapore) Pte Ltd
  31. Ocorian (Cayman) Limited
  32. Ocorian Services (Cayman) Limited
  33. Ocorian (North America) Inc.
  34. Ocorian Trust (Capco) Limited
  35. Ocorian (Netherlands) B.V.
  36. Ocorian Corporate Services (Netherlands) B.V.
  37. Ocorian Corporate Services (Luxembourg) S.à r.l.
  38. Parkview Realty S.à r.l.
  39. ABAX Corporate Administrators Limited
  40. ABAX Corporate Services Limited
  43. ABAX Corporate Services (Singapore) PTE