Richard Joynt

Executive Director

Richard is a key member of our Family Office practice and specialises in the provision of services for ultra-high net worth families. He qualified as a Chartered Accountant working in Jersey, Australia and New Zealand prior to founding and managing a high profile, full service single family office for over a decade. During that time Richard also completed his MBA through the Warwick Business School. Richard merged that single family office with Ocorian (previously Bedell Trust) in 2013. Since that time the Ocorian family office practice has grown substantially and now includes a number of ultra high net worth families of various nationalities with assets held globally.

He has over 20 years' experience in setting up and managing high value and complex inter-generational wealth structures including Private Trust Companies, Trusts, Foundations and companies as well as being closely involved in his clients worldwide philanthropic affairs. 

Richard also has considerable experience in managing a variety of asset classes particularly private equity, luxury assets including jets and superyachts and other portfolio investments. He also has considerable experience with charitable and philanthropic services.

Richard and his team were recently awarded an Excellence Award for Multi-Family Office of the year and were short-listed for the STEP multi-family office of the year. He, personally, is acknowledged in the "Honours List" in the "Leading Trustees" category in the 2015-17 Citywealth Leaders List. He speaks at various events on family office matters and regularly contributes to leading publications.

  • Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (FCA)
  • Member of the Jersey Society of Chartered and Certified Accountants (JSCCA)
  • MBA
Areas of expertise
  • Private Client
  • Richard is very professional and discreet. He will always go the extra mile for his client and is dedicated to providing a good service"


10 reasons for setting up a Family Office
2018 | 05 Nov 2018

There are an ever increasing number of Family Offices being set up by wealthy families. Below we take a quick look at some of the main reasons these offices are being set up...

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Conflict within wealthy families - why does it happen?
2018 | 18 Oct 2018

Following Prestel and Partners' Family Office Forum in London, Richard Joynt explores the key themes discussed surrounding intergenerational conflict when wealth is transferred within wealthy families.

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Ocorian to moderate discussion panel at Family Office Forum, 2-3rd October, London
2018 | 28 Sep 2018

Richard will moderate a discussion entitled, 'Diffusing potential family disagreements, avoiding financial disputes and creating harmony'...

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Part Three - Cultural sensitivity in Family Offices
2018 | 10 Sep 2018

With a growing spectrum of clientele hailing from a diverse array of backgrounds, Family Office professionals need to engender a greater degree of cultural sensitivity.

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Part Two - How to avoid family disputes when transferring wealth
2018 | 16 Aug 2018

As Family Offices continue to evolve, the private wealth industry is coming up with innovative ways to mitigate the risk of conflict escalating into major issues.

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Ocorian shortlisted for 'Trust Company (large firm)' and 'Multi-Family Office' of the Year
2018 | 06 Aug 2018

Ocorian are thrilled to announce that our Private Client team have been shortlisted for the prestigious STEP Private Client Awards 2018/19 in the 'Trust Company (large firm)' and 'Multi-Family Office' categories.

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Part One - Why are Family Offices on the rise?
2018 | 19 Jul 2018

Following July's International Association of Young Lawyers (AIJA) Family Office seminar, Ocorian's Family Office expert and opening session moderator Richard Joynt, explores why Family Offices are experiencing a surge in popularity.

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The life-cycle of a Family Office
2018 | 27 Mar 2018

All families are different and so too are their requirements when managing their family wealth. As a family extends – be it generationally, geographically or both – its needs and wants of a family office will evolve and change, as Ocorian’s Richard Joynt ex...

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Where to Locate a Family Office: 5 Key Factors to Consider
2018 | 20 Mar 2018

In the past, high net worth families have often established their family offices in their home jurisdiction but those habits are changing. A more geographically dispersed family network and differing priorities across generations are leading to a more globa...

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What is a Family Office?
2018 | 13 Mar 2018

An increasing number of families are looking to Family Offices to help manage and protect their wealth. However not all Family Offices are the same with different types of office delivering everything from straightforward life administration to complex inve...

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Family Investment Companies
2018 | 22 Feb 2018

Family investment companies are fast becoming a popular alternative to trusts in wealth and succession planning, but what are the benefits and when should they be considered? Ocorian's Amy Collins compares the options.

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Ocorian shortlisted for 'Family Office of the Year' at the Citywealth Magic Circle Awards 2018
2018 | 22 Feb 2018

Ocorian has been shortlisted for 'Family Office of the Year' at the Citywealth Magic Circle Awards 2018.

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Ocorian wins 'Family Office of the Year' at the Citywealth IFC Awards 2018
2018 | 26 Jan 2018

Ocorian is delighted to announce that it has won 'Family Office of the Year' at the Citywealth IFC Awards

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Ocorian shortlisted for two STEP Private Client Awards 2017/18
2017 | 16 Jun 2017

Ocorian's Private Client team shortlisted for two 2017/18 STEP Private Client Awards: Trust Company of the Year (large firm) and Multi-Family Office Team of the Year

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Services for Senior Private Equity Executives
Publications | 02 May 2017

The Family Office team at Ocorian have a number of Senior Private Equity Executives as clients. This factsheet summarises the main services that Ocorian provides to those clients.

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Outsourced Family Office Services
Publications | 02 May 2017

Ocorian (previously Bedell Trust) was founded in 1971 and has extensive experience of establishing and managing complex high value structures for international clients.

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Household Expense Tracking
Publications | 02 May 2017

The Family Office team at Ocorian regularly assist their client families with household expense tracking. This factsheet summarises the main features of this service.

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Ocorian Family Office Services Brochure
Publications | 01 Dec 2016

We understand that a wealthy family in the 21st Century have many demands on their time and many responsibilities arising from the wealth they have generated.

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Publications | 01 Apr 2015

For many people, philanthropy is a topic of increasing importance. Whilst philanthropy may, in strict terms, focus on the wellbeing of human kind, the term tends to be given a wider meaning, encompassing a broad range of giving initiatives. Some of those in...

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Bedell Family Office Director invited to join panel at Russian Wealth Advisers Forum 2015
2015 | 27 Jan 2015

Richard Joynt a director of Bedell Family Office, has been invited to participate on a panel discussion at the Russian Wealth Advisers Forum 2015, which takes place at the Dolder Grand Hotel in Zurich on 4 - 5 February 2015.

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Bedell Family Office Director invited to join panel at Family Office Super Summit 2014 in Miami
2014 | 03 Nov 2014

Richard Joynt of Bedell Family Office, part of Bedell Trust, has been invited to participate on two guest panel discussions at the well renowned Family Office Super Summit, taking place at the JW Marriott, Miami, USA from 11 - 13 November 2014.

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Bedell Family Office Directors to speak at Elite Summit 2014 in Montreux
2014 | 10 Jun 2014

Ian Slack and Richard Joynt of Bedell Family Office, part of Bedell Trust, have been invited back to speak at the prestigious Elite Private Wealth Management Summit which takes place at the Fairmont Le Montreux Palace Hotel in Montreux, Switzerland on 17 Ju...

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Bedell Trust Director invited to speak at Global Family Office Conference
2014 | 20 May 2014

Richard Joynt has been invited to join a panel at the prestigious Global Family Office Conference taking place at The Dorchester, London on 03 June 2014.

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Excellence Award for Bedell Family Office
2014 | 28 Apr 2014

Bedell Family Office has been named ‘Best Multi Family Office’ in the 2014 Wealth Adviser Awards, which recognises excellence among wealth managers and service providers.

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Bedell Family Office make STEP short list and highlight themes to emerge from Montreux summit
2013 | 15 Jul 2013

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Bedell Trust Directors to speak at Elite Summit 2013 in Montreux
2013 | 14 Jun 2013

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Bedell Trust expands Family Office offering with arrival of established specialist team
2013 | 08 Jan 2013

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