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03 December 2019

Shipping is charting a course to a greener future

As the deadline for the most dramatic fuel regulation change since the turn of the millennium near...

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27 November 2019

The rise of the zombie company

With a rising number of so-called zombie companies limiting domestic productivity in the UK, Direc...

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28 October 2019

Soaring demand but are turbulent times ahead in aviation?

Following September's International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading (ISTAT) conference in Be...

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15 October 2019

Where next for the syndicated loan market?

From Libor, global trade wars and Brexit, to ESG and quantitative easing (QE), Associate Director ...

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13 August 2019

A growing concern? Transfer restrictions in the syndicated loan market

Offering an alternative form of debt financing to bilateral lending or corporate bonds, the syndic...

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22 July 2019

How is the role of a trustee changing?

At this year's annual Global ABS conference in Barcelona 11-13 June, Senior Advisor Sally Gilding ...

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