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Live Interactive event: Digital Assets in the Fiduciary Space

We hope you can us for our live and interactive panel event followed by networking, canapes and drinks.

It is increasingly common for fiduciaries to be asked to hold or even litigate digital assets. Such requests test the fiduciary’s need for prudence, not only because digital assets might be considered inherently imprudent but because of the many uncertainties that still surround them. 
Drawing on the fiduciary model, Ocorian invites you to an interactive live event where we will explore a hypothetical scenario, in which a trustee will engage with a panel of expert advisers to determine whether to accede to or reject two requests to involve themselves with digital assets. The expert panel, Gilead Cooper QC, Wilberforce Chambers, Ed Powles, Maurice Turnor Gardner and Gary Ashford, Harbottle & Lewis, have each been chosen for their particular expertise, which will enable matters such as tax, regulation, trust law considerations and security all to be discussed and considered before the trustee makes their final decision. 
The event is suitable for those with a sound working knowledge of digital assets, although to allow for maximum discussion time, all those who attend will receive a fact sheet in advance providing some basic terminology and information about the concepts that will be covered.   
A trustee scenario, with its focus on informed consideration, is an ideal forum to explore this challenging area on a practical and theoretical level. The event will take place on Thursday 6 October 2022 at One Moorgate Place between 3.00 and 5.30pm, with a drinks reception to follow. 

We hope to see you.

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