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A Guide to Family Offices

Family offices have experienced a significant rise in number, scale, and sophistication and are now a common way for wealthy families to organise their financial and administrative affairs.

With each family office set up to meet the demands of a specific client family, there is no blueprint for how an effective family office should operate. Therefore, wealth professionals often need to access specialist family office expertise in order to fully understand the bespoke operational aspects their client's family office requires. This has been made even more difficult in recent years as wealth professionals' traditional ways of operating are increasingly being challenged by client demands for more visibility and control of their affairs.

In response to this need for clarity and to act as a helpful indicator of what key issues are worth considering when establishing or operating a family office, we have produced A Guide to Family Offices.

An informative guide based upon the experiences of our award-winning family office team, it is designed to demystify family offices and act as a reference point for wealth professionals to ensure that their client’s family office remains relevant, efficient and economically credible throughout its life cycle.

Download the full guide via the form below.

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