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Women and Wealth Management – Dubai

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Women and Wealth Management – Dubai

Following on from Jersey Finance's inaugural and highly successful 2018 Women in Wealth Management event in Riyadh, this year's Women and Wealth Management – Dubai event is part of a series of 2019 events building on last year’s insights.

With the United Arab Emirates and the GCC region seeing continued growth of women’s key roles in the workforce, in engaging and managing wealth and in taking significant financial decisions at corporate level, the series will cover a range of important topics that resonate with women leaders in the UAE.

Managing Director - UAE, Nina Auchoybur will attend the event that will evaulate recent trends and the evolution of wealth management in the region. There will be case studies presented evidencing the successful structuring of complex assets for family businesses and personal estates.

The event will also feature a panel session with several leading private wealth experts, who will offer their insights on international trends in regulatory and legal architecture on wealth preservation and structuring and the changes ahead. It will also provide an overview on the industry’s wealth structuring strategies for private clients and give our select participants tools to help identify and choose suitable advisory.

To arrange a meeting with Nina, please contact her using her profile below.

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Nina Auchoybur

Managing Director - UAE Private Clients

United Arab Emirates

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