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Environmental, social and governance (ESG) responsibility

At Ocorian we take ESG seriously, so much so our goals and KPI’s are a shared responsibility among all our employees. We have committed to the following guiding principles.  

Our environment guiding principles:

We recognise the urgency of addressing the impact of climate change and are committed to playing our part. Our environmental agenda includes: 

  1. Ensuring energy efficient office premises and implementing measures that manage consumption
  2. Using digital document management tools to reduce paper consumption
  3. Minimising non-essential travel, and increasing the use of alternative technologies such as telephone and video conferencing
  4. Minimising the use of disposable/single use plastics
  5. Ensuring paper stationery goods are purchased from responsible suppliers, that are committed to sustainable source materials
  6. Implementing an Ocorian suppliers code of conduct, to ensure they are aligning with our ESG standards 

Our social guiding principles:

We aim to create a positive impact for communities where we live and work.

  1. Maintaining opportunities for shared ownership of the business across all our employees, regardless of their seniority
  2. Instilling a culture of open and honest feedback 
  3. Ensuring diverse recruitment of talent with candidates selected on merit
  4. Generating a diverse pool of talent to reflect our globally diverse client base and communities in which we operate
  5. Creating a positive impact for the communities where we live and work 
  6. Ensuring a culture of equality and inclusiveness
  7. Committing to fund matching individual’s charitable fund-raising activities

Our governance guiding principles

Our commitment to our governance agenda includes:

  1. Fostering a culture that drives ethical behaviours throughout the organisation
  2. Ensuring we incorporate and monitor ESG criteria to safeguard the long-term success of the company
  3. Ensuring the business has defined policies and procedures covering:
  • Modern anti-slavery and human trafficking
  • Equal opportunities
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Dignity at work
  • Social media
  • Anti-bribery and corruption
  • Integrity in conduct