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CSR Policy

As a global business, Ocorian takes its role as a corporate citizen seriously. From supporting our local communities to nurturing tomorrow’s talent, we are working to positively impact all those directly and indirectly engaged with our business.

Key principles and scope:

  • Ocorian recognises that its operations inevitably have an impact on wider environmental, economic and social issues. These issues are an integral part of our quality management process and we believe that placing emphasis on them gives the right message to our employees, clients, suppliers and other key stakeholders, and demonstrates our awareness of, and concern for, the wider community.
  • We are committed to continuous improvements in environmental, economic and social sustainability.
  • We will comply with all relevant international laws applicable to environmental legislation, regulations, approved codes of practice and other external requirements applicable to our business.

 We will continuously develop our CSR policy by:

  • Measuring and reporting our performance
  • Identifying opportunities and taking action where practical to meet legal obligations and improve sustainability
  • Identifying adverse impacts and risks, and where possible mitigate these
  • Promoting our CSR policy and gain buy-in from all our employees and other key stakeholders
  • Embedding our CSR policy and practice into all our management systems, standards, processes and procedures.

 This policy applies to all employees of Ocorian.


ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY for Ocorian is about using resources in the most efficient way and reducing our carbon footprint.


To reduce the environmental impact of Ocorian’s operations and protect natural resources wherever possible

We will:

  • Reduce, reuse and recycle wherever practical
  • Increase the use of sustainable materials
  • Ensure that all decisions regarding working practices and purchasing take relevant environmental considerations into account for the medium and long term and not only the short term
  • Train and encourage all employees to work in an environmentally-responsible manner, and ensure our communications raise awareness and keep all employees and interested parties informed
  • Ensure that clients, suppliers and contractors with whom we have dealings are likewise environmentally-minded in their approach to business
  • Monitor energy utility use
  • Track and minimise our carbon footprint by reducing travel where possible and embracing greener technologies

ECONOMIC SUSTAINABILITY for Ocorian is about exceeding the expectations of our clients, suppliers and stakeholders while providing highly-valued services and products.


To improve the economic value of our services to society through growth and diversification

We will:

  • Regularly review our procedures and practices and identify opportunities and actions for improvements to economic security
  • Ensure all products and services are priced at a sustainable level
  • Earn and maintain the trust of our stakeholders
  • Apply environmental, social and ethical criteria to the procurement of goods and services, and ensure wherever possible that all products purchased that are derived from natural resources are from sustainable sources
  • Make funds available for investment in business growth and expansion
    • Increase income generated from commercial activities
    • Reduce costs through effective procurement of goods and services


SOCIAL SUSTAINABILITY for Ocorian is about both our employees and our stakeholders.

We believe we need to lead, inspire and excite our employees while providing a safe fair working environment and a commitment to equal opportunities for all. We believe this will help us to deliver the best possible services and products for our clients and all other stakeholders.


To have a highly-engaged and diverse employee community

We will:

  • Measure employee engagement and take action to improve it
  • Recruit and retain high-potential and high-performing individuals through appropriate reward policies
  • Train and develop our employees as a way of shaping the culture and behaviour in the organisation
  • Implement effective and appropriate diversity policies
  • Maintain high standards of health and safety


To continuously improve the standards and quality of our products and services, and our reputation in the marketplace

We will:

  • Develop a sound understanding of the roles within the society in which we operate
  • Be open to new ideas, practices and ways of thinking, and challenge our existing methods
  • Continue to build solid stakeholder relations – identifying key stakeholders, enaging in consultation and balancing demands
  • Value and harness diversity and adjust our approach as appropriate
  • Consider how we can have a positive impact on our local social and business community
  • Work with third-parties on sustainability initiatives


For further information on Ocorian's CSR policy, please contact the Corporate Communications team: [email protected]