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Corporate Social Responsibility

When it comes to our social and environmental impacts and engaging with the local community, we take our responsibilities seriously. Selecting projects that build relationships and leave a lasting legacy is part of the Ocorian culture.

Our employees often amaze us with the energetic contributions they make to the community. This includes supporting a number of projects for young people and disadvantaged families and encouraging our teams to fundraise for charities close to their hearts; we often match the funding and/or the time that individuals have committed. From sporting pursuits to creative arts and hospice challenges, we often wonder what they’ll come up with next.

As a key part of our drive to support local communities and charities, our employees voted to elect Environment and Sustainability as our global charitable theme. On a jurisdictional level, each of our offices will support a charity in line with this theme, engaging in fundraising and volunteering activites to further enhance the charitable endeavours each charity champions. The theme reaffirms our commitment to environmental and sustainable causes, a committment echoed by our membership of the Global Impact Investor Network (GIIN)

As an office-based business we have a relatively limited impact on the environment, but we are still conscious about keeping it to a minimum. We also commission consultants that help us innovate in the ways we can cut our carbon footprint and build a sustainable business we can all be proud to represent.