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Our environmental savings in numbers

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Our environmental savings in numbers

Forests are the real heroes in the fight against climate change and in celebration of this year's International Day of Forests, we're recognising our environmental savings made over the past year as a result of our shift away from printing.

Lockdowns across the world precipitated a rapid shift to working from home for most workforces and brought the practicalities of office work into view. The lack of access to industrial printers and scanners caused IT teams to swiftly find digital alternatives. Not only has the shift given us back more time, but it has been welcome relief for the environment and a harbinger for the future of office work. 

Over the past 12 months, all of our offices have experienced some form of lockdown and with that has come the opportunity to save:

  • 8,074kg of wood
  • 198,404 litres of water (or one person's drinking water for 754 years!)
  • 18,952kg of carbon
  • 1,312kg of waste

The figures represent the footprint of what would have been the posting of a whopping 42,600 envelopes, and highlight our commitment to reducing our environmental impact. So how are the figures calculated? The savings are calculated by looking at the following three factors:

  • Number of envelopes sent
  • Number of pages per envelope
  • Number of recipients per envelope

For more information about the calculations and how you and your business can save paper, visit the Environmental Paper Network.

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