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Ocorian’s business growth brings Luxembourg team together under one roof for the first time

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Ocorian’s business growth brings Luxembourg team together under one roof for the first time

One of our key priorities of the past year was to have a centralised office in Luxembourg which brought together our teams under one roof and embodied our One Ocorian approach. Well, we are delighted to announce that we have now moved our entire Luxembourg team into the same building, bringing together our 150-strong team in the new district of Cloche d’Or.

Reflecting on the move, Christophe Gaul, Regional Head of Europe and Managing Director – Luxembourg, commented “This move is a significant milestone in the growth of our organisation and of our team in Luxembourg.”

“It is the first time since our large-scale merger in early 2020 that our teams in Luxembourg have the opportunity to work together under the same roof, and we are delighted that our first shared roof is housed in Bijou, an incredibly elegant building in a perfect location.”

“Whilst the pandemic has proved that physical distance is no impediment to being able to collaborate closely with colleagues, we are really looking forward to the added advantage of having a single base as a team in Luxembourg.” 

“It is testament to the scale, growth and stability of our business, as well as our plans for the future of our team in Luxembourg, that we have established this significant tenancy in Cloche d’Or.” 

Your trusted partner in Luxembourg

Our expert teams in Luxembourg provide a full range of fund and corporate administration services that deliver bespoke solutions to an international client base when and how they are needed.

Find out more about our offering in Luxembourg and contact us here.

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